31st May 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

Hailing from Copenhagen, Prime Collective are proud to unveil their brand new artist: Martiné. Her sound is best described as a heavy metal Lana Del Rey and with her mysterious demeanour she delivers haunting songs about past relationships. Martiné is on a fast track to becoming one of the most interesting newcomers of Danish metal.

Today she presents her gloomy debut single ‘Oxytocin’.

“My inspiration for this song was the very powerful hormone Oxytocin, which is also released when falling in love or by physical touch. The lyrics reflect how to embrace the power of one’s femininity and learn how to use that to set boundaries. It is definitely a song about being in control and not getting blinded by Oxytocin”



Martiné is fierce and vulnerable at the same time, and most notably her sound and her style is unpredictable and a breath of dark air on the scene. She is ready to release a string of singles throughout 2023, with her debut ‘Oxytocin’ available on all streaming services, through Prime Collective, on June 2nd. 


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