Jessica Lynn Releases Her Sass-filled Video for ‘Mixed Signals’

Jessica Lynn Releases Her Sass-filled Video for ‘Mixed Signals’

26th May 2023 1 By Jon Deaux

Jessica Lynn releases the vibrant video for her latest single, ‘Mixed Signals’., It’s a track that takes her out of her native territory of Modern Country into lively rock and soul.


“I have always been heavily inspired by rock and soul music,” says Jessica, “so I’m really excited that this new single showcases that side of me.  It’s so inspiring to be able to incorporate more of my roots into my new music and dance between and across the lines of many different genres and styles.”


‘Mixed Signals’ opens with a strong guitar hook, tasty keys, and punchy, pacy drums, before bringing in Jessica’s deep sassy vocals, and adding lively brass to its rich musical tapestry. The lyrics use cocktail imagery to represent mixed signals being given out and the back-and-forward dance of flirtation and intimacy.


The video builds on the clever cocktail motif, with shots of the bar and bartender pouring the exotic elixirs, while a dashing latter-day Mr. Darcy enters with Jessica. He then begins the “games” Jessica speaks of while she (resplendent in a knock-‘em dead golden dress) sings up a storm on stage and provides the soundtrack to the scene (complete with a soul-style brass section in shades and Blues Brothers shades, white shirts and bible black suits).


Mixed signals aplenty while Jessica wryly sings her special cocktail recipe: “1 shot Mr. Right for me / 2 parts nothin’ but a tease / I said Hey / Ooh that game you play /
1 dash tell me that I’m yours / 2 splash we ain’t nothing more / Than friends, ooh it never ends /
With a cherry on top / Mixed signals are all I got.”


No wonder American Songwriter proclaimed, “As a native New Yorker, “The artist’s foundational country is heavily laced with rock and blues edges, as well as tinges of pop and soul,” and went on to say, “Love has its ups and downs and Jessica Lynn has the soundtrack for your emotional ride.” As she does here.


Check out Jessica Lynn’s latest single, ‘Mixed Signals’ along with its accompanying video: a piquant cocktail of her musical influences and styles and original talent, insight, and wry lyrical wit. With a cherry on top.


Jessica’s UK  7-show tour will take place in July 2023, starting on 5th July (at Junction in Cambridge); then Jessica will play in Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Blackpool, and Southampton, before finally playing The Lexington in London on 12th July. See Jessica’s website for full details of the new dates and venues. 

Mixed Signals is now available on all digital platforms


UK TOUR 2023

5th July: Junction, Cambridge

6th July: Hare & Hounds, Birmingham

7TH July: The Playroom, Leeds

8th July: Gulliver’s, Manchester

9th July: The Waterloo, Blackpool

11th July: Suburbia, Southampton

12th July: The Lexington, London


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