13th October 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

KILL THE LIGHTS, the five-headed metal behemoth that features former members of Bullet For My Valentine, Throw The Fight, Threat Signal, and Still Remains, released their debut album The Sinner, in 2020 via Fearless Records. Today, they’ve dropped a gargantuan new single “Scapegoat” and its official video.

Classic and modern metal styles collide head on in “Scapegoat.” The band storm out of the gates from the opening note, with galloping, intricate riffs kicking the song into high gear. Guttural, savage roars give way to clean, melodic vocal sweeps with seamless ease, the contrast of light and dark effectively showing just how brutal KILL THE LIGHTS can be and just how far they’ve come. It is a monster of a track.

“‘Scapegoat’ discusses the feeling of being trapped in your own head, believing that there is no escape or place that you can turn to for help,” the band explains. “The constant cycles of self-doubt, anger, and depression eat away at your confidence and willingness to make changes. It’s like you’re setting yourself up to fail – always choosing the path with the most negative outcomes or most toxic situations.”

Listen here

Earlier this summer, KILL THE LIGHTS unveiled the new single “Broken Bones,” bursting with pulsing riffs, racing solos, and unforgettable melodies that make for one helluva fist-pumping anthem to incite moshpits the world over. The band perfectly executes their classic yet modern metal sound. “‘Broken Bones’ tells the story of someone who is in the depths of loss, heartbreak, and tragedy,” the band states. “Frozen with fear, they are forced to watch their life play out like a bad movie. Only hope keeps them from drowning in their own struggle with mental health. Every breath is a struggle, each day a battle. On hands and knees, they fight just to get through the day.” Watch the official video here.

The follow-up metal banger, “Hear You Scream” was equally well received. A flawless marriage of shreddy, finger-slicing riffs, with ferocious solos, and modern vocal harmonies, it also weaves in screams that have ascended from the bowels of hell and two utterly seismic breakdowns. “‘Hear You Scream’ is about being trapped in a toxic relationship and not knowing how to escape,” says singer James Clark“You convince yourself over and over that things will get better, but all along, you are being used. When the mask of ‘fake love’ is peeled back, the web of lies and deceit is unveiled. You slowly and strategically bide your time and exact your revenge.” Watch the official video here.

Stay tuned for more to come as KILL THE LIGHTS prepares to utterly dominate 2024.




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