KREEK : ‘Kreek’ – British band founded by former Bigfoot vocalist sign to Frontiers for debut album out 12.02.21

KREEK : ‘Kreek’ – British band founded by former Bigfoot vocalist sign to Frontiers for debut album out 12.02.21

1st December 2020 0 By John Deaux

Kreek is a new band fronted by ex-Bigfoot frontman Antony Ellis, which sees the vocalist keeping his foot firmly planted in the fertile UK hard rock scene from which he first emerged.

Kreek perform kick ass rock ‘n’ roll with strong melodies, hooks and lyrics and are the next evolutionary step for Ellis after Bigfoot. “I had a blast with my former band, but as I had personal goals and growth in my songwriting skills, I realised this new outlet was very necessary,” he states. “With Kreek, I am very much the driving force behind the music and the band members are guys I handpicked so I could truly flex my musical muscles.”

Kreek formed in the summer of 2019 after Ellis had parted ways with Bigfoot (who would eventually disband). Impressed with his vocal ability from their time working with that group, the Frontiers label reached out to Ellis about continuing to work together. Ellis had already been thinking about putting a new band together and recruited a group of musicians in Nick Clarke (guitar), Lee Andrews (bass) and Seb Sweet (drums), followed later by Dan Collict (guitar), and thus Kreek was born.

“Nick and I first began jamming nearly 18 months ago and in reality we are the roots of Kreek,” continues Ellis. “Lee and Seb also joined the band fairly quickly after. The last find was Dan. I had contemplated just keeping it as a four piece, but as time went on my gut told me that I needed the second guitar player to make the songs come alive. When Dan plugged away at the songs and sent me clips of his progress, I could see that he was gonna fit in just fine. We got in the room together to jam and it rocked!”

Produced by Dan Rossall (Passion, Revolution Saints), the self-titled debut album by Kreek is set to be unleashed in mid-February.

1  At The Bottom Of Hell
2  Missiles
3  Meet Your Maker
4  Million Dollar Man
5  One Voice
6  Man On My Shoulder
7  Stand Together
8  Down ‘N Dirty
9  Get Up
10  On Your Own

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Antony Ellis – vocals
Nick Clarke – guitar
Dan Collict – lead & rhythm guitar
Lee Andrews – bass
Seb Sweet – drums

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