Lodestar return with a cataclysmic, cultish and crushing brand new single ‘Surrender To The Tide’. The wait has been well worth it.

Lodestar return with a cataclysmic, cultish and crushing brand new single ‘Surrender To The Tide’. The wait has been well worth it.

13th March 2024 0 By Jon Deaux
After 27 years the experimental rock band Lodestar return with a brand new single Surrender To The Tide
Cataclysmic, cultish and crushing Surrender To The Tide leaves an indelible impression, and is taken from their forthcoming album Zonen, released on 17th May.
“The song’s lyrics describe personal struggle suggested by the oppressive scale of the guitars.The crashing tidal wave of the chorus riff implying powerlessness in the face of elemental forces.” – Lodestar
“The idea behind the video was to make something that was hypnotic and trance-like, enigmatic, stark and with gravitas, that gradually built tension to suit the pace of the song. The shadows and the lighting were almost more important than the band. We wanted to show performance, but in a non-typical way so it’s the opposite of the usual fast-cut performance video. The imagery is inspired by cults and the occult, film noir, old psychological horror films, Lynchian-style lighting and 70’s music footage that was filmed using analogue effects, so it’s kind of trippy in a slightly bleak and disturbing way.”
Lodestar was originally formed in 1996 by three members of the legendary British rap-rock band Senser (Heitham Al-Sayed, Alan ‘Lord Hagos’ Haggarty and John Morgan) to fulfil their hunger for a heavier musical palette.
After releasing two killer singles, an eponymous album hailed by the NME as ‘a modern metal masterpiece’ and touring with the likes of Tool, the band ceased operating in 1997.
2024 sees Lodestar resurrected and joined by Charlie Beddoes (Rub Ultra, Trash Palace, Nasty Little Lonely) on bass. Their new material is a beautiful, brutal and esoteric mix of doomy grooves, gutsy onslaughts and eccentric wanderings through a sweetly sinister landscape, inspired by prescient visions, occult symbolism and subtle sensuality.
To pre-order / pre stream Zonen album go to: https://linktr.ee/lodestarband

To celebrate the release of Zonen, Lodestar play a quartet of shows, with more shows to be announced soon.
Lodestar UK shows
Sat 20th London The Lexington 
Sun 21st Brighton  The Hope & Ruin 
Sat 18th Southampton Heartbreakers 
Sun 19th  Desertfest  London

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