Luke Morley releases the first single from his new album ‘Songs from The Blue Room’

Luke Morley releases the first single from his new album ‘Songs from The Blue Room’

12th May 2023 0 By John Deaux

‘Killed by Cobain’: is Luke’s light-hearted reflection on how Grunge scuppered Thunder’s efforts to break into the American market.


‘Killed by Cobain’ looks back at a strange time in my career when Thunder were on the brink of success in the USA,” Luke reflects, “We had a single in the Top 50; we’d sold 250,000 albums and we thought we were off to the races, but then Grunge happened and we found ourselves in the deeply unfashionable bucket! The tour we were booked on, opening for David Lee Roth, didn’t sell and we ended up never touring there. So near and yet so far! Fortunately, I can laugh about it now…”


Luke knew this track wouldn’t quite sit right for Thunder’s frontman Danny Bowes to sing. Instead, it gave him material for a solo project of his own. There were no time pressures, but Luke’s work ethic meant disciplined days crafting and shaping ideas. Soon there was a really strong body of work to form the backbone of his first solo album in over 20 years. 

Songs from The Blue Room’ features the top-drawer songwriting quality that Luke has delivered for Thunder over 14 albums. The arrangements, along with Luke Morley’s impressive vocals, differentiate this album from those great releases in his day job. This is work from a singer-songwriter at the very top of his game. The production seamlessly switches from breezy, west coast rock to heartfelt bar-room ballad and will sit as comfortably on daytime radio as it will on specialist rock and Americana stations.


‘Killed by Cobain’, for instance, boasts smart, witty, well-sung lyrics, not to mention some cool harmonies and melodies that cleverly play very much against the Grunge sound, with Beatles-like touches artfully tossed into the mix.



‘Killed by Cobain’ is out now on all digital platforms on Conquest Music, whilst its accompanying video can be found on YouTube.


Download/Stream here

The album, Songs from The Blue Room is out on 23rd June 2023 on CD, digital and limited-edition blue vinyl.

A limited amount of signed LPs, CDs, and an exclusive signed postcard are available to pre-order from Luke’s music store now.


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