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Announcing his new album ‘AFR AI D’, last month Mariusz Duda revealed ‘Embracing The Unknown’, the first single off the forthcoming record. 

For his second taster of what fans can expect on ‘AFR AI D’, the track is inspired by two important influences to Mariusz.  The first comes in the form of French electronic music and the second is video games that feature robots. Wanting to create an amalgamation of the two, ‘Bots’ Party’ immerses itself in the two’s symbiotic characteristics.

“Bots’ Party” was inspired by two things, French electronic music in the style of Air or Daft Punk, and video games with robots in them (NieR:Automata, Stray, Machinarium). I often associated French electronica with the use of processed vocals (Jean Michel Jarre “Zoolook”) and so I wanted to use them here to symbolize the language of artificial intelligence. 

Duda also includes a melodic guitar solo, performed by Mateusz Owczarek. to reflect the human element whose creativity and expression counters the machine-like beat. 

Duda continues: 

“Bots’ Party” is a composition that wouldn’t suit my other music projects. It’s as if it was made for the new music world which I started a few years ago, the world dominated by my love for electronic music. I’m closer here in character to the work of Norwegian Royksopp than to any other progressive band or artist I’m usually associated with. The song itself perfectly illustrates my fascination with video games, which I have always loved and which have always inspired me to make music as well. In this case, it’s about games with robots, androids, and artificial intelligence. 

The guitar solo at the end symbolizes the human element. The role of this organic instrument is to balance artificial intelligence and show that we don’t have to be afraid of it, and that we can live together in symbiosis. “


Alongside the track comes the equally playful ‘Bots’ Party’ clip. The video’s concept was thought up by Mariusz, directed by Tomasz Pulsakowski using 3D animation from Klaudia Czarnecka, and edited and post-production by Sightsphere. 

The visually striking video brings this world of artificial intelligence to life as we follow two robots going about their daily routines until they meet and experience an unlikely performance in the motherboard…

 Mariusz Duda has always been fascinated by the telling of a story, idea, or concept.

His new solo record looks at the growing commodification of AI specifically with artificial intelligence entering the mainstream.

Using the notion of ChatGPT and Midjourney and the increasing use of deep fakes as a springboard, ‘AFR AI D’ explores these interesting and forward-thinking theories musically just as much as it does conceptually.

The album opens with the ominous sounds of the aptly titled ‘Taming Nightmares’ acting as a musical signpost to this new dawn of machine learning. It’s followed by Interstellar’s nod to ‘Fake Me Deep, Murf’ and later by the TRON like ‘Mid Journey To Freedom’.

Off the back of ‘Bots’ Party’ we move into the emotive arpeggios of ‘I Love To Chat With You’ that whisks you straight into the mind of Theodore Twombly falling for an operating system. The album later ends on the cold and unfeeling introspection of ‘Embracing The Unknown’.

In a world where truth is often camouflaged by deception the electronic heartbeat of ‘AFR AI D’ can never lie. Or can it?

The album is available in a variety of formats that include Limited edition Magenta colored vinyl LP, CD, LP, and Digital. 

Pre-order HERE (

About Mariusz Duda:

Mariusz Duda is a Polish musician, songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. The leader of the progressive rock band Riverside, and the founder of the solo project Lunatic Soul. His musical interests span from rock and metal, through pop and folk, to electronic and ambient music. 

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