Maryland quartet ANY GIVEN SIN Announce Debut Album ‘War Within’

Maryland quartet ANY GIVEN SIN Announce Debut Album ‘War Within’

8th June 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

Any Given Sin will release their debut album’ War Within’ via Mascot Records (Black Stone Cherry, Fozzy) worldwide on 4th August. To celebrate, they have revealed a new song, “Cold Bones,”

Inner struggle incites outward expression. Any Given Sin transfigures conflict into caustic and catchy hard rock. The Maryland quartet—Victor Ritchie [vocals], Mike Conner [guitar], Rich Stevenson [bass], and Mike Showalter [drums]—encase these unrestrained emotions inside arena-size anthems with bold hooks and bludgeoning riffs.
Representing the emotional apex of the record, “Cold Bones” leans on soft piano. These icy tones underscore a vulnerable yet vital vocal performance just before the distortion kicks back in underneath the refrain. As a military vet often faced with the horrible news of duty’s permanent scars, Richie dug deep inside himself for the lyrics. “I wrote it by myself on the piano,” he recalls. “I was in the military for seven years, and I had a lot of friends commit suicide. We lost too many of our buddies in Iraq and Afghanistan. This song is about those people, but it could be for anyone who has lost a friend under similar circumstances.”
Amassing nearly 20 million streams to date, buzzing at US radio, and building a devout fan base, the group perfected this pummeling and powerful style on their forthcoming Mascot Records debut. The band recently revealed the videos for “Still Sinking” and “Calm Before the Storm” from the album. In 2021, “Dynamite” and “Insidious” both cracked the Top 40 at Active Rock radio in addition to catapulting to #1 on SiriusXM, overtaking the fan-powered “Big’ Uns Countdown.” Along the way, they have toured with Steel Panther, Crobot, and Shaman’s Harvest, gracing festival stages and headline slots and building a formidable stage presence.
Produced by Chris Dawson, keyboards augment the verses’ cinematic scope as guitars power up an undeniable chant, “I’m making no apologies.” “It’s a song about perseverance,” says the frontman Victor Ritchie. “You’re standing up to whatever’s in front of you.” Guitarist Mike Conner adds, “You’re not just surviving a traumatic experience though – You’re also becoming stronger because of it.”
On the title track, Richie’s arresting delivery echoes before the chorus issues a proclamation, “This is the war within.” “It’s a free speech song,” reveals Richie. Ramping up the momentum, sirens herald the onset of the roaring “House On Fire.” With a one-two punch of raw riffing and walloping bass, the momentum bleeds into another chantable chorus. “It’s about the condition of the world,” notes Conner. “It’s just getting worse and worse. The fire’s growing bigger. Will we ever be able to put it out?” “We’re all trapped in it,” agrees Richie.
Presenting a 360-degree vision, the album cover holds a special significance for the band as it pairs their respective star signs with a personal vice. “It essentially displays the Seven Deadly Sins,” Mike goes on. “We’re admitting to the sin we struggle with on the cover. It speaks to our band name as well.”
By sharing their trials, tribulations, and triumphs, Any Given Sin ultimately offers a communal catharsis for fans to share. “When you listen to us, we hope you feel like you’re not alone,” Richie leaves off. “No matter what you’re dealing with, the music shows a reminder that someone hears you.” “A lot of it may sound dark and depressing, but there’s a positive message,” Conner concludes. “Keep going.”

1. War Within
2. Calm Before the Storm
3. Another Life
4. Cold Bones
5. Follow You
6. Insidious
7. Ball and Chain
8. The Way I Say Goodbye
9. House on Fire
10. Dynamite
11. Still Sinking

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