Matt Pearce & The Mutiny Release videos for ‘Double A-side single’: ‘Beautiful Disguise’ and ‘All the Gods’

Matt Pearce & The Mutiny Release videos for ‘Double A-side single’: ‘Beautiful Disguise’ and ‘All the Gods’

22nd April 2022 0 By Jon Deaux

Matt Pearce and The Mutiny are releasing two videos ‘All The Gods’ and ‘Beautiful Disguise’ — an entrée that serves as a tempting taster of the top-quality treats to be found on their eagerly anticipated 11-track sophomore album ‘The Soul Food Store’ (due for release on 29th April, on Mutinear Records, but available for pre-order right now).


As Matt himself explains with pride and glee, “Every banquet needs aperitifs, and every store opening needs to give samples of their wares. So, here are two very different tasters for y’all, from the backwards-guitar psychedelic grooves of ‘All The Gods’ to the string-octet-accompanied sweet Soul Food of ‘Beautiful Disguise’: these two will make sure you expect the unexpected when the Store finally opens next week.


“What’s more, I asked two video artists to visually interpret the songs how they saw them, so we have two very different videos for your viewing pleasure! Buon appetito!”


 All The Gods’ is a psychedelic rocker of a tune — very intense and moody

— whilst ‘Beautiful Disguise’ is awash in the sound of Sixties Soul, marinaded in lush keyboards and swooning strings.
The two tracks and videos show the variety, contrast, and quality you can expect to find in ‘The Soul Food Store’: an album that’s a testament to the saying ‘variety is the spice of life’.

Like its predecessor ‘Gotta Get Home’, ‘The Soul Food Store’ is self-produced and features Matt as lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, aided and abetted by some of the crème de la crème of the London blues scene. The 11-track sophomore album is filled with rocking blues and funky, soulful grooves: the kind of flavoursome, nourishing sound that Matt adores and set out to create when he first began his musical mutiny — smokin’ hot songs delivered with passion.


You can also pre-order ‘The Soul Food Store’ now and get it delivered to you by the release date of 29th April; plus, as an incentive to part with your hard-earned pennies early, on the release day, you’ll also get the link to an EXCLUSIVE 7-track ‘Acoustic Soul Food’ mini-album, PLUS videos for 4 of the songs. And why not treat yourself to a bundle of a signed album + a new t shirt or two? Check out the details via the link below and happy shopping!


“Matt Pearce & The Mutiny put the effort in…” proclaimed GAMES, BRRRAAAINS & A HEAD-BANGING LIFE, “An album packed with funky rock tunes… Each one featuring a bevy of interesting instrumentation and Pearce’s smooth vocals. Music to make you move and groove, a crowd-pleasing album. Check out the guitar soloing… wow.”


“Matt Pearce & The Mutiny have a winner on their hands with The Soul Food Store,” agreed ROCK & BLUES MUSE, “one that should open a lot of doors for them this year. Highly recommended.”


For FIREWORKS MAGAZINE, the album is “A classy, well-crafted record with something to please everyone. Impressive!” whilst HRH MAGAZINE reckon “No matter what your musical preference is, there is something there for everyone, it feeds your soul and leaves you hungry for more.” 

Videos and Pre-order here



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