METALWORLD announces CRAVER debut album “Torch Of Wisdom”

METALWORLD announces CRAVER debut album “Torch Of Wisdom”

16th August 2023 0 By John Deaux

In a crescendo of anticipation, Swiss label METALWORLD stands ready to unveil the debut album “Torch Of Wisdom” by the Swiss heavy rock phenomenon, CRAVER. Set to enrapture listeners with its melodic cadence and thought-provoking themes, the album is scheduled for release on September 1st, 2023, in limited edition CDs and vinyl formats.

Embracing the ardor of human longing and the intensity of metal, CRAVER emerges as a unique force on the musical landscape. With a profound belief in the power of love’s tempestuous ocean, the band blends their passion for lust and joy with the raw heaviness of true metal. The divine amalgamation gives birth to a sonic seduction that rekindles the spirit of rock’s heyday—a jubilation of unbridled riffs and sonic fervor. In the heart of their music, the Gods Of Love beckon, inviting you to relive the euphoria of rock’s golden era. The result is an homage to timeless allure and the unfettered essence of every soul.

The album’s title, “Torch Of Wisdom”, symbolizes the intrinsic human yearning for desire—a torch that illuminates the path toward connection, union, and freedom. The interplay of intertwined souls, entwined in the ecstasy of longing, serves as a reminder of the boundless experience of love and creation. Through 9 anthemic heavy rock compositions, each representing a facet of the human journey, CRAVER paints a canvas of dark romanticism that resonates with authenticity.

CRAVER‘s enigmatic sound finds its roots in their initial trilogy installment—a blend of darkness, heaviness, and gothic mystique that captivated audiences. The upcoming debut album delves deeper, drawing inspiration from legendary acts such as Unto Others (formerly known as Idle Hands), The Sisters of Mercy, Ghost, Scorpions, and Iron Maiden. This confluence of influences molds CRAVER’s sonic identity, infusing each note with a captivating allure.

In anticipation of their upcoming music, take a moment to explore CRAVER’s trilogy:

  • “Sign Of The Circle” – Watch here: Link
  • “Lights In The Shadows” – Watch here: Link
  • “Vessel Of Love” – Watch here: Link

Stay attuned for the imminent release of “Torch Of Wisdom” and journey through the labyrinthine corridors of passion, desire, and musical virtuosity. Engage with METALWORLD Records and CRAVER on their respective social platforms to receive the latest updates, sneak peeks, and more.



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