MISSILES debut album “Weaponize Tomorrow” out now on Svart Records

MISSILES debut album “Weaponize Tomorrow” out now on Svart Records

10th May 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

The post-punk band Missiles rehearse where the internationally acclaimed film director, Bo Widerberg, during the Cold War, filmed the masterpiece “Kvarteret Korpen” (“Raven’s End”). But unlike Anders in the movie, Missiles were contracted by a prestigious record label. And their debut album is being released today. 


But everything was about to explode before it even started. During a chaotic recording session in a stark office landscape at the World Trade Center located in the West Harbor, Malmö, the songs took a different direction, and the project grew into something bigger and harder to control. Emotions ran high. And the band broke up immediately after a failed debut performance in old East Berlin.

 –Our recording process was a textbook example of how not to do it. But looking back, I’m grateful that we made many of the mistakes, as it has given the album something, a nerve, that wouldn’t have been there otherwise,” says Gabriel Forslund, singer and guitarist in Missiles. “One shouldn’t take for granted creative processes without casualties, it can and tend to get ugly.


The album’s working title was “The Cold War Album” to express the feelings between the band members. Perhaps it also expressed the underlying frustrations and heated emotions of songwriting. Collaboration with the artist Thomas H Johnsson captures the band’s thoughts and concepts visually.

 –The album cover began to take shape and the already iconic cover photograph “The Boy with the AK-47 Kalashnikov”, taken in a nuclear power plant, became a visual guide for the continued work on the album. In these AI times, it’s important to point out that the image is indeed a real photograph. And that approach can also summarize Missiles: what we do is real,” summarizes Forslund with a smile.


Just when the work on the album cover was finished, Russia invaded Ukraine, and the world situation escalated. The album cover came to represent both Missiles‘ songs and the mood of the present time. And the theme of the album suddenly became eerily relevant. The cold war was now a reality, and “The Cold War Album” was re-titled “Weaponize Tomorrow.”

 –“During the video recording of ‘Dead Summer Moon,’ everything turned into a cold war. The record company booked a gig in a cramped basement club in Berlin. It might sound cool to have a first gig in Berlin, but the conditions were lousy, an incredibly small room, which we had to share with a local stand-up event. Emotions exploded in an anticlimax, and the band broke up,” says Linus Larsson, bassist in Missiles and continues: “We became two fractions. Like East and West. I acted as a peacemaker and managed to gather the superpowers around the same table. Probably a real crap gig was exactly what was needed to release the tensions, finish the album, and start on the next project. I think we’ve found the form for how not to work and thus paved the way for a more painless process for future albums.”

Missiles debut album “Weaponize Tomorrow” is out now, 10th of May via Svart Records. The album release party will take place at Medley in Malmö on 14 of June 2024. 


A new music video of the band’s latest single “Living in a Nuclear Town” is out today

-“The video is shot in a drab part of Berlin, by a group of dedicated souls, not scared of rodents or nuclear threat, a girl’s gotta eat, and so do you”, says the band while preparing buckets and ice for the brand-new release. Director Johan Snell comments: “Amidst the rubble we choose to consume our surroundings and consummate our commitment towards an inevitable shared fate.”


Gabriel Forslund – Guitar and vocals.

Sebastian Gadd – Guitar.

Linus Larsson – Bass.

Age Augustsson – Synthesizer.

Jens Rasmussen – Drums.


Missiles started as a side project by Gabriel Forslund, and in 2017, the seven-inch “Obsolete Sons / Funeral Home” was released by the Gothenburg-based Fetish Records. In the years that followed, the band formed around Gabriel‘s visions. In 2021, the band, located in the Kvarteret Korpen in Malmö, was ready to begin recording the debut album “Weaponize Tomorrow.” Missiles have been likened to groups like Wipers, The Gun Club, Sisters of Mercy, and Suicide – the influences are clear. With their own distinct character Missiles show with their genre-crossing sound that the past is present. 


Missiles: Weaponize Tomorrow LP/CD (Svart website)



Missiles: Weaponize Tomorrow LP/CD (Stream)





Missiles: Dead Summer Moon (Official video) 

Director – Johan Snell



Missiles: Weaponize Tomorrow

A1 Weaponize Tomorrow

A2 Dead Summer Moon

A3 Living in a Nuclear Town

A4 Deathlike Love

B1 End of the Line

B2 A Circular Madness

B3 Leeches

B4 Radio Dark





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