Modern Guitar Hero Takes Guitar to a New Dimension  BERNTH Performs Full Song Underwater

Modern Guitar Hero Takes Guitar to a New Dimension BERNTH Performs Full Song Underwater

19th January 2024 0 By John Deaux

This was easily the most difficult shoot we ever did for my YouTube channel,” says Bernth.

“When we tried shooting with additional weight attached to me, I was dragged to the ocean floor in

the deep sea – my ears started hurting immensely, and I ran out of air too soon. I barely made it

back up and almost blacked out before reaching the surface. But it ended up being the opening shot

of the video; it turned out great!” Bernth says.


During the 2-minute music video, you can see Bernth faithfully playing his song ‘Farewell’ note by

note while fighting the underwater currents, air pressure, and slowed-down movements caused by

the water. “Performing the tricky guitar parts with all that water resistance was very hard, but I

really wanted to play the song correctly with all its intricate details. It took us a week to get all the

shots since we also had to wait for the perfect lighting and for a relatively calm and transparent

sea,” says Bernth.


In the video, you can see Bernth playing an Ibanez Talman, a relatively cheap entry-level electro-

acoustic guitar. “I had no idea what to expect when we started shooting underwater – I was quite

stressed that the whole thing would fall apart after a couple of takes. But aside from a severely bent

neck, the guitar survived a full week of underwater shoots,” Bernth says.


Creative video ideas like this helped Bernth build a respectable following for his music. The

virtuosic guitarist went on his first headlining European tour in 2023, aside from reaching one

million subscribers and 150 million views with his music on YouTube. “I want to show my

audience things they haven’t seen before – from drilling holes into guitars to filling guitars with

water, all the way to finally playing a full song underwater now. These videos get people interested

in guitar music who are not necessarily part of the usual small guitar nerd bubble,” says Bernth.

“My goal is keeping the guitar relevant in modern music and reaching as many people as I can with

my playing. We are currently booking my next European tour for early 2025, and I want to come to

the US as well very soon!” Bernth says.


Bernth‘s song ‘Farewell’ is available on all streaming platforms, and you can support the artist’s

music by listening here:



Apple Music:

BERNTH online:

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