My Angel Awaits – My Perfect Angel

18th March 2013 0 By Matt Farrington

My Angel Awaits - My Perfect Angel EP



Band: My Angel Awaits
Album: My Perfect Angel EP
Release Date: February 2013
Reviewed By: Matt

1. Pulling You
2. Dreams
3. Perfect Angel

Stoke on Trent alternative Rock/Grunge  band “My Angel Awaits” have released their “My Perfect Angel“ EP, containing 3 songs and hoping to make a start on their progression into the Rock world.

The EP holds tracks “Perfect Angel”, “Pulling You” and “Dreams”. The Opener “Pulling You” starts with a clear crisp guitar and shows promise, the musicianship is solid and when the rest of the band come in the sound picks up, I’d like to say it can only get better but when the vocals come in it takes a dip in standard.

Singer Jim Holland sings with a gruff style that at times feels forced and hints at a practiced American accent in parts, at times the first track reminds me of early The Cult material. Second track “Dreams” displays again some excellent guitarwork and impressive bass but it’s the voice and the lyrics which don’t compliment the rest of the band’s work. There are some hints of the Seattle sound in here but there’s also other elements, which sound quite cool thrown in, it’s a great foundation to build on however I really don’t think the vocals do the rest justice though and Jim certainly has some work to do…..

6 out of 10

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