NARCOTIC WASTELAND’s Unleashes Shredding Guitar / Vox Video For “Victims of the Algorithm”

NARCOTIC WASTELAND’s Unleashes Shredding Guitar / Vox Video For “Victims of the Algorithm”

10th February 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

2022 was a very active year for South Carolina’s Narcotic Wasteland founded by guitarist Dallas Toler-Wade. The band had tours supporting ACCEPT and Malevolent Creation plus a performance at Rustfest (Detroit, MI) along with sharing with fans three new singles “Morality and the Wasp”, “The Best Times Have Passed” and “Victims of the Algorithm”, which will appear on the band’s forthcoming album due out later in 2023.

Today, Narcotic Wasteland is unveiling the latest guitar and vocal playthrough for their latest single “Victims of the Algorithm”, a crushing speed storm of death thrash, with its visceral vocals, and a demolishing blast beat to annihilate the mosh pit.

“This guitar/ vocal playthrough was footage taken from the video shoot for our latest single Victims of the algorithm. We had rehearsed the song a good bit before the tour and had about two weeks out on the road to play the song live. So even though it’s just a video I feel I got the performances pretty close to the studio version. Kenji Tsunami with Tsunami films once again does a fantastic job!” adds Dallas Toler-Wade.

Narcotic Wasteland is currently working on their forthcoming 2023 album to be released via Megaforce Records (release date to be determined). The single “Victims of the Algorithm” was recorded with engineer, and producer Erik Schultek who is no stranger to the band having recorded drums, engineered, and produced their self-titled debut album. The band’s 2023 album will be the follow-up to their sophomore full-length 2017’s “Delirium Tremens”.

Stream for “Victims of the Algorithm” available at

Inspired mostly by thrash metal and classic heavy metal, Narcotic Wasteland is becoming more thrash and speed and less death metal and getting better at writing material that is meaningful and powerful. They are recommended for fans of Vader, Death, The Crown, Autopsy, Pestilence, and Nile.

Previous singles:

“Morality and the Wasp” –

“The Best Times Have Passed” –

Show Dates:
Friday, June 23, 2023 – The Concert North – Houston, TX
Saturday, June 24, 2023 – The Rail Club – Forth Worth, TX
Sunday, June 25, 2023 – Boozerz Rock Club – Corpus Christi, TX

For more info:


Narcotic Wasteland started as a side project Dallas Toler-Wade had been working on the past few years when he was not touring or in the writing/studio with metal heavyweights “Nile.”

‘So I just started writing some songs kind of more in the style of things I was playing before my time in Nile. The more we started working on these demos the more we wanted to complete an album and take it to the stage!!! Our observation of what was going on in parts of the town we grew up in and in other parts of the world fueled a new level of angst for me personally.” DTW

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