NIGHTMARER share fourth and final single from new album; “Deformity Adrift” to be released May 5th!

NIGHTMARER share fourth and final single from new album; “Deformity Adrift” to be released May 5th!

13th April 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

May 5th will see the release of “Deformity Adrift”, the highly anticipated sophomore full-length record by international extreme metal collective NIGHTMARER. Slated to be released via Vendetta Records and Total Dissonance Worship, the band’s upcoming record is NIGHTMARER‘s most diverse work to date, venturing far beyond the conventions of the already unconventional genre of Dissonant Death Metal, without sacrificing even an ounce of viciousness. Strong undercurrents of Industrial and Doom Metal can be found throughout this 32 min behemoth of a record, which ends with an oppressive wall of sound that will leave you bruised and battered. Featuring current and former members of The Ocean, War From A Harlot’s Mouth and Gigan, NIGHTMARER set out to derive only the most extreme elements of their previous musical endeavors and take them to a much more miserable and punishing level.


With the track “Brutalist Imperator” the band releases today the fourth and final single from the upcoming album.

NIGHTMARER on ” Brutalist Imperator”:

For the 4th and final single of our upcoming full-length ‘Deformity Adrift’, we chose the album’s opening track. We dug deeper into our Death Metal roots and dialed up the aggression to 11, to undeniably serve the subject matter of the lyrics. ‘Brutalist Imperator’ is a look beneath the blustering facade of tyrants, which only appeals to the fragile and subservient. The desperate craving for the illusion of power ultimately reveals their true face: A desperate grimace, marked by complete and utter weakness. Crush ’em all!” 

“Deformity Adrift” was mixed and mastered by Raphaël Bovey at MyRoom Studio.
Cover art by Jeanne Comateuse. The album will be released on vinyl, CD, cassette tape, digital and streaming formats by Total Dissonance Worship (US) and Vendetta Records (EU).


“Deformity Adrift” is available for pre-order at THIS LOCATION

“Deformity Adrift” tracklist:

01. Brutalist Imperator
02. Baptismal Tomb
03. Throe of Illicit Withdrawal
04. Tooms
05. Suffering Beyond Death
06. Taufbefehl
07. Hammer of Desolation
08. Endstadium
09. Obliterated Shrine

Line-up of the recording:
John Collett – Vocals
Simon Hawemann – Guitars
Keith Merrow – Guitars
Brendan Sloan – Bass
Paul Seidel – Drums

For more info visit:

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