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Zürich-based NONEXISTER released their new single How Do You Dare today

How Do You Dare is the third single of the Swiss industrial rock/metal band. The video was directed by Dave Bullivant and shot in Vilnius, Lithuania. The female lead is played by rising British theatre star Selina Jones, who won “Best Female Actor in a Play” at the 2022 Black British Theatre Awards, in addition to appearing in the Netflix production “Kaos,” and the HBOmax series “Raised By Wolves.”

Producer and multi-instrumentalist Marco Neeser comments,How Do You Dare is a sonic whirlwind of raw power and intensity. When I started producing it, I created a driving bass line combined with dark ambient noises and heavy guitar riffs. Then Nik came in with his mesmerizing vocal lines. I layered and interwove them over and over until it became an actual wall of sound with an almost gospel-esque intensity, engulfing you in a sonic maelstrom you won’t forget!”


Singer Nik Leuthold adds, How Do You Dare is a song about victim blaming, a phenomenon as unbearable as it is common, not only in the context of sexualized violence. The ‘bad character’ stereotypes levied at minorities only serve to falsely justify hate and aggression towards them. That’s not only disgusting, it is a second act of violence against the victim and traumatizes and intimidates them even more.”


Nik also mentions, “It was a great pleasure to work with Dave Bullivant. He thinks in terms of the song. And he’s a very intelligent and empathic person who’s interested in similar topics to us. He managed to tackle the difficult challenge of talking about victim blaming without binding it to only one context and even confuse us enough as spectators for a brief moment to make us look at our own prejudices – genius!”


Director Dave Bullivant explains, The brief that came with this banger of a song was creatively open, but needed to touch on victim blaming which is quite a tricky subject matter for a music video. I wrote a short narrative that touched on sexual assault, institutional racism, lazy policing, and a general abuse of power. I wrote the story with the reverse technique firmly in mind as I wanted to play with the viewers’ assumptions about who was the victim. Shot over two long nights in Lithuania with the most amazing cast and crew, it was a wonderful job to do.”

Selina Jones enthuses, “Working with Dave and Jeanna and the rest of the production team was so amazing, they looked after us with such high quality and the music video was so fun! It was my first ever music video and night shoot and I believed in the concept so much – victim blaming, especially in the context of race is something that should be discussed and I think Dave’s interpretation and aim to expose audience bias is really smart. I loved it and can’t wait to do more with this team.”

NONEXISTER thrives on the interplay of electronic energy and hard catharsis. The band’s very first single Your Pain Up My Veins was released in March 2023, with a spectacularly dark video starring actress Carol Schuler. The second single Drowning In The Void followed in June, with an equally cinematic and highly sophisticated video. As if they were blasting an after-hours club in the middle of nowhere, the group, consisting of Marco Neeser (electronics, songwriting, production), Nik Leuthold (vocals, songwriting, production), Reto “Fu” Gaffuri (bass), Siro Müller (drums, backing vocals) and Silvan Gerhard (guitar, backing vocals), swing like a pendulum between moments of industrial ecstasy and moshpit-worthy outbursts.







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