Norwegian progressive rock group AVKRVST reveal video for “Arcane Clouds”

Norwegian progressive rock group AVKRVST reveal video for “Arcane Clouds”

9th May 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

Norwegian progressive rock group AVKRVST will release their debut album ‘The Approbation’ on 16th June, 2023.  The Approbation is a concept album about a bleak soul who is left solely with his thoughts, isolated on a cabin deep into the dark forests, far away from civilization. The 49 minutes long concept album contains 7 songs, which take the listener through the thoughts of a man struggling towards the acceptance of death, being hauled into the abyss.

Previously released as a single on streaming services, the haunting new video for the album’s second single “Arcane Clouds” is out today

The band had this to say about the track: 

“Arcane Clouds is the second single off the concept debut album The Approbation, and the anthem of forsaken hope. An inner voice trying to convince you to fight back and keep your head above water, while the ghosts are hunting you down.” 

Pre-order the album here:


1. Østerdalen 0:26

2. The Pale Moon 6:15

3. Isolation 5:41

4. The Great White River 6:30

5. Arcane Clouds 6:05

6. Anodyne 10:15

7.The Approbation 13:37

At the young age of 7 years old, Martin Utby and Simon Bergseth made a pact that they would form a band when they got older. Now, 22 years later they’ve created an album inspired by everything they grew up listening to from Mew, Anekdoten, and Porcupine Tree to Opeth, Neal Morse, and King Crimson, yet unique in its own right.

The Approbation was written and recorded at a cabin in Alvdal (Norway) during a rainy, cold fall and winter. Simon (composer, guitars, bass, and vocals) and Martin (composer, drummer, and synths) were later joined by Øystein Aadland on bass/keys, Edvard Seim on guitars, and Auver Gaaren on keys.

Sonically, The Approbation is a massive-sounding piece of music. It’s everything from lush, melancholy moods to heavy, more aggressive atmospheres capturing the feeling of a cold, gloomy fall – a dark sky, filled with gazing stars above the mist.

Watch the video for the first single “The Pale Moon” here: 

The band has shared a video on how to pronounce “AVKRVST” which you can see here:



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