Norwegian thrash metallers Paraplegic release long lost demos

Norwegian thrash metallers Paraplegic release long lost demos

19th December 2022 0 By John Deaux

Bergen, Norway’s thrash metal pioneers Paraplegic (1989-1998) have opened their vaults and will be releasing music through Bandcamp exclusively.

First up is their demo “Pludd” from 1990. Recorded in Grieghallen Studio, produced by Pytten it preceded a few rather more famous and legendary albums recorded there a short while later.

Guitarist/vocalist Truls Kvernhusvik started the band after leaving Amputation, where he played with Demonaz who went on to form Immortal in 1991.

Mike Exley from Thrash’n’ Burn, reviewed Paraplegic like this at the time of release:

“It often takes time to grow into a new band, but this tape from Norway’s Paraplegic prefers to be one of the more in-your-face types of demos, presenting a strong Vio-Lence/Deathrow style of riffing with good production”.

Check out for a trip down old-school metal memory lane.

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