“Of The Fallen” release new single “Harlots” featuring Daniel Eichelberger of Mirari

“Of The Fallen” release new single “Harlots” featuring Daniel Eichelberger of Mirari

10th March 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

Deathcore act “Of The Fallen” drops their latest single “Harlots” featuring Daniel Eichelberger of Mirari.

“Harlots is a story/depiction of a man losing himself to his own demons. Succumbing to his own deep, dark desires. While in his struggles and at his most vulnerable state, he becomes engulfed by the succubus’s essence. The Maiden of Anguish.”


Deathcore, death metal, black metal, metalcore, who cares. Of The Fallen brings the breezes bleghs and breakdowns since being established in 2019 in the great city/state of Houston, Texas. Mixing together guitar melodies, chaotic riffs, highs that screech like pterodactyls, blasting beats, bumping bass, and 3 guitars for that extra chug, Of The Fallen is a force to be reckoned with.


“We strive to make the music we want and have fun doing it. Our core is the fans that make us because, without any of them, we are absolutely nothing. Our biggest accomplishments have been sharing the stages with the likes of Attila, Origins, Filth, The Convalescence, Catch Your Breath, Desecrate the Faith, and more. We shared Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2021 in Virginia, where we had a soaring crowd and memories to last a lifetime. Our very first music video “Lamentations” reached over 30k views and has surpassed 100k streams on Spotify within its first 8 months. Continuously working on new music and striving to create a community where we and our fans can come together and share our love for heavy music.”


Quickly becoming popular on social media, and having the Houston local scene behind them, Of The Fallen has steered their way into the release of new music and small tour runs in Texas. Between their writing style and online presence, Of The Fallen has won over fans all over the US just through the online community alone.

Stream “Harlots” HERE.

Upcoming Shows:

3/18 – Houston, TX w/ the Convalescence

3/26 – Dallas, TX w/ Dead Reckoning

3/27 – Amarillo, TX w/ Dead Reckoning


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