Onslaught to headline Sophie Stage at UK’s Bloodstock festival Wednesday the 11th August

Onslaught to headline Sophie Stage at UK’s Bloodstock festival Wednesday the 11th August

9th June 2021 0 By John Deaux

Onslaught plan to bring an explosive production and their biggest show ever to Bloodstock as the very first band to headline a major UK festival since lockdown!
Says bassist Jeff Williams, “It is a huge honour for Onslaught to be back as the first live headliners of a major rock and metal festival since the beginning of the worldwide Covid pandemic lockdowns.
As always, we are more than stoked to be thrashing out at Bloodstock, but this year to mark this very special occasion – and as the opening show with our new chart breaking album, ‘Generation Antichrist’- we’ve got something brutal, something big and something very, very explosive lined up for you all!
See you in the pit!”
Connect with Onslaught at www.powerfromhell.com 


ONSLAUGHT have never sounded more psychotically dedicated to the cause of wrecking necks” Blabbermouth

Onslaught have created an album that can be listened to over and over again……… they are about to release a modern-day classic” Rocknload mag

“OK, it’s only August, but this is a major contender for album of the year. It hits you right in the brain with terrific thrash metal” Roppongi Rocks

“In terms of breakneck riffage…..Generation Antichrist is hard to fault” Metal Hammer

Uncompromising thrash metal pioneers Onslaught bring a new level of brutality with one of the most ferocious albums ever made: ‘Generation Antichrist. This is an album inspired by a world full of hatred, megalomaniacs & political madness.
Nige Rockett comments: “We wanted this album to sound like an audio backdrop for the lyrics contained within, dark and brutal in the extreme – which is why we invited producer Daniel Bergstrand to come in and deliver what I think is an absolutely awesome mix!
This is also a real perfect time for our new vocalist Dave Garnett to make his name within
Onslaught. He’s stepped up to the mark in a big way over the past year, having stood in for
some live shows when Sy Keeler was unavailable. So when the full time position became
available, he really couldn’t wait to get in the studio and do the business!

“Even at this early, early stage,” says guitarist Rockett, “everyone who has heard Generation
Antichrist has a variety of favourite tracks. ‘Strike Fast Strike Hard’ is a banging track for an Onslaught album, it’s right up there with ‘Let There Be Death’ and ‘Chaos is King’. It has real punky edge to the chorus, which I love, it’s so fucking raw – it’s a truly relentless thrash album from start to finish that really pushed the boundaries of our playing to the maximum once again.”

Order here: https://shop.afm-records.de/onslaught/

Track Listing:
1. Rise to Power
2. Strike Fast Strike Hard
3. Bow Down To The Clowns
4. Generation Antichrist
5. All Seeing Eye
6. Addicted To The Smell Of Death
7. Empires Fall
8. Religiousuicide
9. A Perfect Day To Die


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