OTHERWISE – Gawdzillionaire – Review

OTHERWISE – Gawdzillionaire – Review

10th March 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

Otherwise are back with their gnarliest record to date. Gawdzillionaire is a killer from start to finish. There are plenty of hooks, crunchy riffs,  stadium-style floor fillers, and a few subconscious fist pumpers that will make you look like a dick if you leave the curtains open as you bounce around your abode.

From the opening of the rap metal-infused Full Disclosure right the way through to the album closer Rain.

Gawdzillionaire is like an old friend. With nuances of Last Resort era Papa Roach and general Good Charlotte mixed with a little screamo (Paradise feat Heidi Shephard is a prime example) there is plenty to like about this album.
Otherwise haven’t reinvented the wheel with this record, but they’ve played to their strengths, and come up with an absolute belter. This is a much better record than Defy (which was a good record) but not quite as good as Peace At All Costs (my favorite album of theirs so I’m a tad biased).

Gawdzillionaire isn’t an essential purchase but it’s definitely one to be considered (especially as it’s a colored vinyl and I’m a sucker for those) If you like your rock-hard, heavy, and feeling like an old friend, you’re going to get a kick out of this album. I have

Score 7/10
Track List
1 Exit Wound
2 New Way To Hate
3 Failure
4 Coffins
5 Hollywood Minute
6 Gawdzillionaire (feat. Ekoh)
7 La Familia
8 Paradise (feat. Heidi Shepherd)
9 Exorcism
10 Camouflage
11 No Rain
Label – Mascot
Release –
10th March 2023

For all things Otherwise, click HERE, and to purchase the album, click HERE

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