P.O.D. Reveal Official Video For “When Angels and Serpents Dance” (2022 Remixed & Remastered Official Music Video)

P.O.D. Reveal Official Video For “When Angels and Serpents Dance” (2022 Remixed & Remastered Official Music Video)

15th September 2022 0 By Jon Deaux

P.O.D. and Mascot Records / Mascot Label Group have released the official music video for the title track of the October 14 remixed and remastered album WHEN ANGELS & SERPENTS DANCE. The original video animated and by artist and band friend Evil Little Clown has been edited to feature the new audio.

You can also watch the videos for “Addicted” and “Tell Me Why.”  
The pre-order is now live here: https://lnk.to/POD-AngelsSerpents.
As history repeats itself, the significance of certain statements strengthens over time. Back in 2008, P.O.D. first presented their seventh full-length LP, When Angels & Serpents Dance, upon an unsuspecting world. It immediately reacted with audiences, bowing at #9 on the Billboard Top 200 as their fourth consecutive Top 10 debut on the respective chart. However, its themes, observations, and messages only resonate louder in 2022. The multi-GRAMMY® Award-nominated multiplatinum genre-busting San Diego band reupped, remixed, and remastered the original thirteen songs, adding another three tracks from the vault to complete the vision.
Now, the quartet—Sonny Sandoval [vocals], Marcos Curiel [guitar], Traa Daniels [bass], and Wuv Bernardo [drums]—re-release When Angels & Serpents Dance at just the right moment via Mascot Records.
“It was a new chapter,” observes Sonny. “A lot of personal things happened during the record, so it ended up being lyrically heavier and darker. I see P.O.D. albums as chapters from beginning to end. From our previous releases to the next album, we’ll put out in 2023, each one is a timeline of where we’re at, what we’re going through, and who we are.”
“In terms of the music, we were flirting with a lot of different elements at the time,” recalls Marcos. “Now, I’m stoked it’s actually going to be available again. It’s a record I think people need to hear. What Sonny is singing about seems like it’s more relevant today—maybe even more so than it was back then.”
The record not only proved important for a myriad of creative reasons, but also for a big personal reason as well. After a three-year hiatus from P.O.D., Marcos returned to the fold. He rejoined the guys for a special New Year’s Eve performance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! before kicking off 2007 with a renewed sense of collective purpose together.  “It was special, because Marcos had come back,” Sonny goes on. “When he rejoined, we were free to be us. We really enjoyed making the record as this united brotherhood again.”
During 2021, P.O.D. plotted a reintroduction of When Angels & Serpents Dance following years unavailable on streaming platforms. The boys reteamed with original producer Jay Baumgardner [Godsmack, Bush, Seether] for remixing.  Howie Weinberg re-mastered the album. Fittingly, they reintroduce the record with the opener and first single “Addicted.” A staccato palm-muted riff sets the tempo as the momentum builds towards a provocative question, “Why do I love you when I know you’re wrong?”  “We all have friends or family going through something,” says Sonny. “Sometimes, it gets out of control. Once that happens, it ruins your life and takes over. How much of it is your choice, and how much of it is just being caught up? I grew up around addiction, and I saw it ruin people’s lives or kill them.”
“We’ve always been the type of band who wants to inspire and encourage our brothers and sisters,” notes Marcos. “The song was relevant to us. We try to create awareness of how to be a light in the world.”
When Angels & Serpents Dance stands out as yet another milestone.  “This was a painting in time,” Marcos leaves off. “I hope you see all of the different shades, colors, and vibrations. I’m just glad everyone can hear it again.”
“Music has always been our outlet,” Sonny concludes. “We realized, ‘I don’t have to die on my street or sell drugs’. Coming from our neighborhood and upbringing, music saved us. We’ve seen this game change so much. I’ll always stay in this band, because our music continues to speak to all ages. I hope it continues until we decide to lay it down. Until then, there’s a lot more to do.”
2. Shine With Me
3. Condescending
4. It Can’t Rain Everyday
5. Kaliforn-Eye-A
6. I’ll Be Ready
7. End of the World
8. This Ain’t No Ordinary Love Song
9. God Forbid
10. Roman Empire
11. When Angels & Serpents Dance
12. Tell Me Why
13. Rise Against
14. Don’t Fake It (Bonus Track)
15. Ridin’ With You (Bonus Track)
16. Walk on Water (Bonus Track)

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