Paul Gillis

5th March 2013 0 By Craig

Paul Gillis


This mixtape is for Paul Gillis, from Berwyn, Illinois. Musically, he is a maniacal genius involved in sick death grind with Morgue Supplier, more chilled out moments with KLLU and absolute indescribable doom, death heaviness with Drug Honkey.  He also has involvement with Asscavern and LadyBug Deathcamp amongst others. 




1.Morbid Angel – “Desolate Ways”
(Has always been one of my favorite instrumentals & a great way to start off any compilation.)

2. Godflesh – “Life is Easy”
(My favorite Godflesh song. One of the heaviest songs ever written.)

3. Mercyful Fate – “Evil”
(The masters. A song that is beyond what the title states.)

4. Celtic Frost – “Synagogue Satanae”
(I could have picked numerous Frost tracks, but this is beyond massive. Heavier than heavy. Complete bleakness.)

5. Gorguts – “Clouded”
(A crushing, plodding, dissonant gem from a truly great band.)

6. Trouble – “Endtime”
(Another instrumental high on my list. A really moving song that is timeless)

7. Scorn – “Heavy Blood”
(My favorite Scorn song. Full of feeling and atmosphere. Along with Godflesh’s “Life is Easy” as one of my favorite songs ever.)

8. Autopsy – “In the Grip of Winter”
(Death/Doom masterpiece from one of my favorite bands ever.)

9. Black Sabbath – “Planet Caravan”
(Complete perfection here. Drift into another dimension with perfect sound & atmosphere.)

10. Voivod – “Astronomy Domine”
(Probably the best remake of all time. They completely nailed this incredible Pink Floyd slab of awesomeness.)

11. Overkill – “Fear His Name”
(A great thrash band, & a lesson on how to write & perform a perfect thrash song.)

12. Bathory – “Necromancy”
(The fathers of Black Metal showcasing here how to create pure evil in sonic form.)

13. Brutal Truth – “Godplayer”
(From the slow crushing beginning, through the frenzied middle stages, until the frantic end. As crazy as it gets right here. Total insanity & I love it.)


14. Type O Negative – “World Coming Down”
(Type O @ their best. Truly haunting. Heavy as all hell.)

15. Blut Aus Nord – “Elevation”
(A brilliant band that perfects hypnotic music. A truly beautiful track.)

16. Cathedral – “Reaching Happiness, Touching Pain”
(When Cathedral were the kings of Doom. This song personifies said genre. Total desolation.)

17. Iron Maiden – “Strange World”
(A mesmerizing song from my favorite Maiden album. Pure emotion. Godly.)

18. Human Remains – “Swollen”
(Wicked players, creating original madness that has yet to be matched.)

19. Atheist – “Unquestionable Presence”
(Excellent musicianship interlaced with emotion & high quality songwriting. Their best song.)

20. Yngwie J. Malmsteen – “Icarus’ Dream Suite Opus 4”
(Yet another instrumental that is infinitely great. Takes you on an incredible journey. A great way to end this compilation.)

Thank you to Paul for agreeing to do this mixtape – as usual we have the mixtape available (except Trouble) here. Below are links to the different projects that Paul is involved in:


– vox/synths/samples for Drug Honkey

– vox for Morgue Supplier

– varied electronics for KLLU

– guitar/vox for LadyBug DeathCamp

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