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Cult Black Metal act Fimbulwinter announces long-awaited reissue of “second wave” of Norwegian Black Metal classic ‘Servants of Sorcery’. For years devoted fans have been yearning for a reissue of the classic album and at last, their prayers have been answered in the form of the lavish reissue of ‘Servants of Sorcery’. 


Despite being released in 1994, the recording of ‘Servants of Sorcery’ was completed in the deepest, darkest winter of 1992 and so stands as an essential and influential early example of what was to form an entirely new chapter in Metal’s history. Joining Shagrath was Skoll (Ved Buens Ende, Ulver, Arcturus) on bass, with the line-up completed by Necronos & Orbweaver.


Fimbulwinter, though short-lived, created a sole cult release in the form of 1994’s Servants of Sorcery, which emerged as the “second wave” of Norwegian black metal was truly taking hold. The band was formed in Brumundda in 1992, led by the notable figure of Shagrath, who became most known afterward as the main man for the phenomenon which was Dimmu Borgir. A more raw affair than the symphonic majesty of Dimmu Borgir, Fimbulwinter demonstrated a primal and fierce black metal attack, and concocted a perfect example of the early-90s style, with an extra injection of praise to bands of the 80s.


This edition of Servants of Sorcery – a title consistently requested by fans for a proper reissue for many years – notably includes material plus additional songs sourced and transferred from the band’s own tape collection (with work overseen by Shagrath himself), to present this most complete and comprehensive edition of Fimbulwinter’s work and legacy.


Shagrath states : 


As we are living in retro times” and a lot of people have shown interest in Fimbulwinter over many years, we have had a huge demand to wipe dust from the Servants Of Sorcery’  album and make it available again on all formats. Many of you have heard the tracks before, but nevertheless, its been remastered, with the addition of bonus songs, & pictures never seen before. We are also thrilled to release this through one of our favorite labels, Peaceville.

Enjoy the record (if its possible) The past is still alive – Fimbulwinter


Fimbulwinter – ‘Servants of Sorcery’ track listing: 

  1. Intro – Terrifying Call From The Dark Side [00:57] 
  2. When The Fire Leaps from The Ash Mountain [05:58] 
  3. Servants Of Sorcery [06:52] 
  4. Black Metal Storm [03:12] 
  5. Fimbulwinter Sacrifice [07:54] 
  6. Roaring Hellfire [07:34] 
  7. Lucified 06:08]
  8. The Watchtower (Darkthrone cover) [05:15]
  9. Morbid Tales (Celctic Frost cover) [03:36] 
  10. Winter Solstice [03:38]

Alongside Fimbulwinter’s own original material of spellbinding lo-fi grim chaos are storming cover versions of Morbid Tales by Celtic Frost (which featured on the original Servants of Sorcery release), plus ‘The Watchtower’ by Darkthronewhich is now included for the first time. 


Servants of Sorcery is presented on gatefold vinyl format, with a limited gold and white colour pressing. The packaging includes the original iconic early 90s cover image, and also contains a 12” booklet featuring rare and unseen photographs, plus two double-sided posters.


The album will also be available digitally for the first time on streaming as well.  Pre-order the record here:


Fimbulwinter is: 


Shagrath – guitar (and raging hate)

Skoll – bass 

Necronos – guitar and voice

Orbweaver – drums

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