Pentagram a.k.a. Mezarkabul  Announces Album  Makina Elektrika   Drops September 9

Pentagram a.k.a. Mezarkabul Announces Album Makina Elektrika Drops September 9

1st September 2022 0 By Jon Deaux

Pentagram is a very unique heavy metal act from Istanbul, performing since 1987. After several changes in the lineup over the decades, the band reunited with all former members for their continued stand against fascism, with music as their weapon. 


The reunion was intended to be exclusively for an acoustic album, a live tour and a concert video

to celebrate Pentagram’s 30th anniversary, in 2017. However, the healing outcome of this gathering has driven the band to make their 8th studio record,  Makina Elektrika,  as a 9-piece band, with four lead singers.

The upcoming album Makina Elektrika drops  September 9th via Sony Music. A blend of Anatolian music with heavy metal, the album consists of English and Turkish lyric songs and an instrumental track. 

“After the Turkish military coup in 1980, we were misfit kids in an authoritarian environment.

The music reached out and offered the liberty to express our frustration in a civilized way.

We’ve always looked up to great legends and aspired to be like them. Becoming a band was our primary objective. We yearned to mature into fine musicians and belong in the music scene we love. It’s been the case ever since. Fortunately, we’ve endured long enough to see our work relate to a younger generation and feel like a ring of the chain that binds us. Our style is mostly identified

with its blend of Anatolian music with heavy metal. The upcoming record is about our generation who still lives under the shadow of guns. We’ve reunited with all former members for our last stand along the purpose against fascism, with music as our only weapon. The songs on the album are monuments of faith, gratitude, passion, conceit, failure, acceptance and regret in one’s life. We

were fortunate enough to feature a timeless master, Erkan Ogur on ‘baritone fretless guitar’ and ‘kopuz’; along with Cahit Berkay from the legendary Mogollar, playing the ‘yaylı tambur’. Music

is a language, magically native to everyone. The world’s most ancient tradition and a loyal

comrade in each one’s own personal struggle. It unites us in shared feelings and insight. We’re devoted to this tradition because we trust in its virtue that sustains our grip in life. Besides, it’s so much fun, making it more convincing than anything else.”

Tarkan Gozubuyuk, Bassist, Pentagram 


It’s a very unique experience, really. Think about it, a 30 year old heavy metal band reuniting with all of its members on an acoustic “best of” album in 2017. On top of that, touring with 9 people on stage for 5 years and collaborating on a new album with all of the 9 members. Honestly, I do believe that Makina Elektrika is the most collaborative work that I’ve done in my life, considering 9 members creating together! I’d also like to note that most of the members have had very successful solo careers in performing, producing, film making and in celebrity circles in the past years. Now when we’re on the bus or backstage, studio or stage we all drop our last names and find an environment to express our individualities freely just like how we did decades ago when we were in our twenties. I believe it is the magic of that brotherhood that makes Pentagram what it is, and this new album is flooded with emotion, talent, experience, mastery and love.

– Demir Demirkan, Guitarist, Pentagram 


Apple Music:

Pentagram Makina Elektrika  Track List:


01 Bu Duzen Yikilsin/Bring The System Down (voc. Ogün, Murat, Gokalp)

02 Sur/Castle Made of Sand (voc. Ogün, Murat, Gokalp)

03 Pride (voc. Ogün, Murat, Gokalp)

04 Revenant (voc. Gokalp)

05 Sensiz/Without You (voc. Hakan)

06 Maymunlar Gezegeni/The Planet Of Apes (voc. Ogun)

07 Damn The War (voc. Ogün, Murat, Gokalp) feat. Cahit Berkay

08 Dunya/Earth (instrumental)

09 Odenmez/Priceless (voc. Murat) feat. Erkan Ogur

10 Seek And Destroy (voc. Ogün, Murat, Gokalp)


All songs were written by Pentagram, except two cover tributes; “Dunya” by Yavuz Cetin (a fellow musician who passed away in 2001) and “Seek and Destroy” by Metallica, in memory of Cliff Burton.

Pentagram, current lineup:


Gökalp Ergen (vocal)

Murat İlkan (vocal)

Ogün Sanlısoy (vocal)

Hakan Utangaç (vocal, guitar)

Demir Demirkan (guitar)

Metin Türkcan (guitar)

Tarkan Gözübüyük (bass)

Cenk Ünnü (drums)

Ozan Tügen (keyboard)

Pentagram Discography:


Pentagram (Nepa, 1990)

Trail Blazer (Nuclear Blast, 1992)

Anatolia (Century Media, 1997)

Popcular Disari Live (Raks, 1997)

Unspoken (Sanctuary, 2001)

Bir (Universal, 2002)

1987 Live (Sony, 2007)

MMXII (Sony, 2012)

MMXIV Live (Sony, 2014)

Akustik (Sony, 2017)

Akustik Konser (Sony, 2022)

Makina Elektrika (Sony, 2022) 




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