Premiata Forneria Marconi Release Music Video for “Worlds Beyond”

Premiata Forneria Marconi Release Music Video for “Worlds Beyond”

2nd December 2021 0 By John Deaux

Italian Rock legends PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI (PFM) have released a new music video for their single “Worlds Beyond”. The track is the second single off the band’s new studio album ‘I Dreamed of Electric Sheep’, which was released on October 22nd, 2021 via Inside Out Music. Fans can buy/stream the new album at the link here: 

Speaking about “Worlds Beyond”, the epic, orchestral open to their new LP, the band shares, “We wanted to start out with a song that has inside a lot of different music genres going on, but no lyrics. Why? Well, to give people the capacity to imagine everything, and not to tell them anything.”

PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi)

‘I Dreamed of Electric Sheep’ – CD1 

  1.   Worlds Beyond (English version) (03:19)
  2.   Adrenaline Oasis (English version) (04:53)
  3.   Let Go (English version) (04:06)
  4.   City Life (English version) (05:01)
  5.   If I Had Wings (English version) (04:23)
  6.   Electric Sheep (English version) (04:09)
  7.   Daily Heroes (English version) (03:48)
  8.   Kindred Souls (English version) (06:19)
  9.   Transhumance (English version) (01:07)
  10. Transhumance Jam (English version) (03:39)


‘Ho Sognato Pecore Elettriche’ – CD2

  1.   Mondi Paralleli (Italian version) (03:19)
  2.   Umani Alieni (Italian version) (04:53)
  3.   Ombre Amiche (Italian version) (04:06)
  4.   La Grande Corsa (Italian version) (05:01)
  5.   AtmoSpace (Italian version) (04:23)
  6.   Pecore Elettriche (Italian version) (04:09)
  7.   Mr. Non Lo So (Italian version) (03:48)
  8.   Il Respiro Del Tempo (Italian version) (06:19)
  9.   Transumanza (Italian version) (01:07)
  10. Transumanza Jam (Italian version) (03:39)




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