Progressive Metal band Bermuda’s Burden release double A-side single, Devil’s Paradise

Progressive Metal band Bermuda’s Burden release double A-side single, Devil’s Paradise

25th September 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

We pass through this life bound by invisible chains. Some we forge for ourselves, locking the manacles then casting the keys into the swirling chaos of blood, wine and lies that pools about our feet. Some are slipped about our neck as we sleep; lost in nightmares we never feel the cunning binding until we wake, choking. Yet while we stumble onwards, bent beneath our burdens, the path obscured by enemies real and imagined, still we harbor dreams. There is a flame of hope that never goes out, a vision of far horizons where we bask in sunlight and fly through stars. Even as we fall dying our eyes strain to pierce the encroaching night, to see a promised kingdom further on…

There is a pathway that leads through the labyrinth of sound that forms the Devil’s Paradise double a-side single from Indiana’s Bermuda’s Burden; precious gems of melody and emotion, shining diamonds of inventiveness and passion that the band have left for you to follow. Each one draws you deeper into guitarist Jacob Staup’s tumultuous riffs, the cascading rhythms, the beautiful juxtapositions of tranquillity and cacophony. The siren voice of Cyan Ramsey is your companion on the journey, though at times it vanishes into the shadows, only to return in the form of a slavering beast – its shimmering mantle cast off to reveal rage, tooth and bloody claw. Both ‘Devil’s Den’ and ‘Sugar Paradise’ work like practiced stage magicians, their musical sleight of hand suggesting, revealing, and obscuring. There always seems to be something more, just out of sight, within these songs – another secret to uncover – and that leads to repeat play after repeat play…and a hunger to hear more from this enigmatic, enthralling band. Powered by the vital, vibrant drumming of Mason Beard (Symphony Of Heaven) and the adventurous bass work of Jeff Quinn Davis, inspired by a diverse conglomeration of collective influences and given life by a meeting and mixing of unique individual talents and imagination, Bermuda’s Burden is a band to cherish.

Friday 13th is traditionally a date shrouded in superstition and auguries of ill omen, however, this October, Friday 13th is set to become the starting point of an incredible musical journey, as Devil’s Paradise is released – complete with specially created artwork by Cyan Ramsey. May the weight of the world sit a little lighter on your shoulders and your chains hang a little looser as you explore the Devil’s Paradise, with Bermuda’s Burden by your side…

Track Listing:

1 – Devil’s Den
2 – Sugar Paradise

Genre: Progressive Metal
For fans of: Nevermore | Jinjer | Oceans Of Slumber | Damn The Machine

Cyan Ramsey – Vocals
Jeff Quinn Davis – Bass
Jacob Staup – Guitar
Mason Beard – Drums
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