Ratos de Porão returns to London with their new album after more than 20 years

Ratos de Porão returns to London with their new album after more than 20 years

26th July 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

On tour with their new album Necropolítica (2022), Ratos de Porão (Basement Rats in English, RxDxPx to those who know), the iconic band and pioneers of punk rock in Brazil, are making a major London comeback with two shows after over 20 years of hiatus.

A renowned band in their homeland of Brazil, they have immense global recognition and following, consolidated by many international tours in their 42-year career. Ratos de Porão promises a long-awaited smashing performance on the 9th and 10th of September at London’s 229 Venue 1 (229 Great Portland St, London W1W 5PN), along with special guests.

On 9th September, the band – João Gordo (vocals), Jão (guitar and backing vocals), Boka (drums), and Juninho (bass and backing vocals) – will have support from the Sick On The Bus, (UK), The Vile (UK), and Cabeças Cortadas (Brazilian punk band based in the UK).

The second performance will feature The Varukers, (UK), Disorder (UK), Disassociate (USA), and The Backstreet Abortions (UK).

“I think this is the right time for Ratos to play a gig in the UK, in a very good venue and with supporting bands that are part of the whole story. What we’ve been seeing for many years in the UK is, classic bands playing all the time, obviously Rebellion Fest is where it happens most often, but now it’s our turn again”, says bassist Juninho.

Punk rock to the core, Ratos de Porão also became famous for traveling through other styles such as hardcore, D-beat, thrash metal, and crossover, the latter dominating one of their most celebrated periods, with the trilogy Cada Dia Mais Sujoe Agressivo (1987), Brasil (1989) and Anarkophobia (1990).

Their discography also includes albums such as the acclaimed Crucificados Pelo Sistema (1984) and the classics Descanse em Paz (1986) and Guerra Civil Canibal (2000), among others. Their latest album, Necropolítica (2022), marks the band’s return to crossover, being their first album since Século Sinistro (2014). Songs such as “Aglomeração”, “Guilhotinado em Cristo”, “G.D.O.” and “Entubado” stand out in their repertoire, in addition to classics from the legendary group’s career spanning more than four decades.

“The set list will go through the whole history of the band. We took all the records and also always try to play what the public wants to hear more, like the classics”, concludes Juninho.

A strong vein of political and social awareness has always run through Ratos de Porão’s concept albums. Most recently, they have been inspired by the rise of the extreme right and the consequences of the terrible previous government on Brazilian daily life, especially in the face of Covid-19.

Born from this, they recorded their album Necropolítica. It revisits the band’s crossover thrash trilogy in a concept album about Bolsonaro’s Brazil. An album that deals with themes of authoritarianism, repression, and the country’s economic and social crisis.

The band never stopped evolving during the 90s, and beyond. They kept reinventing themselves and absorbing new influences in every new album, but the spirit of their crossover trilogy was always kept as the foundation on which new ideas were built.

Most bands that last this long are happy to live off their past glories or try to adapt to popular trends. Ratos de Porão never fell into this trap and always knew how to use their own legacy as material for new ideas.

Necropolítica” is not an exercise in nostalgia, but regenerating a spirit that suddenly made sense again.


Saturday 09/09 (doors open at 7pm) with:
Sick On The Bus (UK)
The Vile (UK)
Cabeças Cortadas (brazilian punk based in UK)



Sunday 10/09 (doors open at 6pm) with:
The Varukers (UK)
Disorder (UK)
Disassociate (NY – USA)
The Backstreet Abortions (UK)



Tickets for both days also on Dice:



Friday 08/09

3-6pm – Meet & Greet at All Ages Records, 27A Pratt St., London NW1 0BG

6-10pm – Happy Hour at Made in Brasil, 12 Inverness St, London NW1 7HJ

Facebook event page: https://fb.me/e/4H3fyExCI


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