13th July 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

Brit hard-hitters MODERN EVILS are a colossal quintet serving up glorious earworms that aim to infiltrate your life force. The hotly-tipped upstarts have released their vivacious new single and video, Big Decline, out now.

Formed in the dark depths of Swindon, England in April 2021, MODERN EVILS started life as a trio with Joe Palmer (guitar and vocals), Meg Truscott (drums), and Aaron Steel (vocals). The three-piece soon realized that adding an extra dimension would help elevate them to their true potential, so never resting on their laurels, the group drafted in Toby Pollitt (bass) and Sam Rose (guitar). The final result is a powerful concoction of edgy alt-rock and twisted post-hardcore that draws from Biffy Clyro and Idles through to System Of a Down and Title Fight

With a full and solid line-up in place, MODERN EVILS have quickly acquired a strong following throughout the South West, with fans latching onto their dystopian themes and rebellious modern anthems.  Possessing a growing legion of followers and a manifesto that is both deeply intriguing and utterly relevant to today’s world, MODERN EVILS are the voice of the new generation.


A barrage of exciting releases and live performances are in the works for the remainder of 2023, and it’s only a matter of time before MODERN EVIL’s voice is heard, loud and clear. For now,

the defiant five-piece will drop their debut single, Big Decline, and it’s a perfect starting point for the band. Big Decline takes listeners on a journey into the perspective of lead vocalist Aaron Steel and his experiences of growing up in Swindon. A tale that many might relate to, Aaron has been surrounded by gang crime, drugs, and despair. The town’s youths find themselves stuck in an eternal loop of self-destruction which leads to the community continuing its ‘Big Decline’. However, the band aims to shine a light and use the situation as fuel for their creativity, proving that even amidst a big decline, great things are still possible. 




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