Robby Krieger And The Soul Savages: A Review

Robby Krieger And The Soul Savages: A Review

2nd February 2024 0 By Owen Edmonds

Now I love Robby Krieger. I have since I was introduced to The Doors when I was 11 by my friend Jonathan. We used to bunk off school and head down to his house (conveniently about a 5 min walk) go up to his room and listen to all manner of music, well mainly Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and The Doors, we were the cool kids after all. It was in this environment that Robby became known to me, obviously as with most people the first thing you notice about The Doors is Jim Morrison’s incredible voice, then maybe you’ll notice Ray Manzarek’s use of the organ or John Densmore’s drum groove, but as a fan of metal, it was Robby’s guitar that hooked me. And I’ve been hooked since those halcyon days of 1989/90.

Robby can create intricate, melodic music without being a show-off and giving the other instruments room, space, air, and time. It very much feels like Robby would be a musicians musician, the type of person anyone would want to play in a band with as you’d know his playing ability would complement yours. And so Robby is back with another collaboration, this time with the Soul Savages an eclectic group of his friends who have worked with some of the biggest acts who have ever put sound to vinyl. 

So let’s get to it.

The Review

Right from the off, you can tell that these are consummate professionals, they don’t only know how to play their instruments but they know how to do it with other people and how to form, stay on, and get into ‘The Groove’. I have no idea how you do that, I mean how do you make a song groovy? It just isn’t in my make-up, but these guys, they have it, they know it and they share it with you on every single second of this 10-track album.

Richochet Rabbit (interesting name) is one of more blues-feeling songs, Robby uses the slide to beautiful effect on this and there is a piano solo that is simple, elegant and catchy. Watch the video here, I love the Benny Hill moment (we’ve all dreamed about it lads, be honest) and Robby Krieger in bunny ears! I’m here all day for that.

Not all songs are bluesy though, the album is peppered with jazz, funk, and fusion which highlight just how good Robby Krieger is.

Contrary Motion is probably the most Doors-like song on the album, yet even this uses ascending and descending chord structures in the guitar and keyboard which gives the ear a lovely tickle every time they do it. Had this been released in 1969, wow. And Robby’s solo halfway through just takes me back to listening to The Doors on my own in a dark room. I close my eyes and drift away.

It isn’t all roses

I don’t quite enjoy every track, I’ve never been a “fan” of jazz, I can appreciate it for what it is, but when I go to my playlists there aren’t any ‘jazz’ tracks on there. So something like Killzoni doesn’t quite sit well in my ears. This is odd when I think about it as the drums are great, I just don’t quite get the rest.

But it is pretty darn good

Now, A Day in L.A on the other hand. I like it a lot. Another one that could’ve been released in 1969 and worked perfectly. There is a breakdown 2/3rds of the way in with deep fat bass sounds which are fantastic. If you listen to it you’ll hear what I mean.

Samosas & Kingfishers has this really lovely rolling drum beat to begin then comes in with some ‘eastern’ feeling organ and guitars. I don’t think Robby is playing a Sitar, but that’s how it sounds. It is a lovely track that works against the rest of the album as it gives you something different which is always needed.


Robby Krieger and the Soul Savages are amazing musicians. This album has been put together with a lot of care, attention and groove. It works. 

Score 8.5/10

Track Listing

  1. Shark Skin Suit
  2. Samosa’s and Kingfishers
  3. A Day in LA
  4. Killzoni
  5. Contrary Motion
  6. Never Say Never
  7. Bouncing Better
  8. Ricochet Rabbit
  9. Blue Brandino
  10. Math Problem

Label – Players Club
Release: 19 January 2024

For all things Robby Krieger, click HERE, and to purchase the album, click HERE

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