Sari Schorr – The Queens Hall – Edinburgh – 26th July 2023

Sari Schorr – The Queens Hall – Edinburgh – 26th July 2023

27th July 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

Tonight in Edinburgh it’s the last night of Sari Schorrs support slot to Kiefer (Sutherland). She may be on stahge for only 30 minutes, but what a 30 minutes it is. 

The performance is stripped right back to just herself and guitarist Jim Kirkpatrick, to be totally honest that was a total surprise as myself and my colleague were expecting a full band. 

She was phenomenal. If you took Elkie Brookes and Alanis Morrisette‘s voices, and Janis Joplins’ sass and sultry,  put them in a blender, you’d get a Sari Schorr smoothie. 

Sari wowed and won the crowd over really quickly, and the interaction between Jim and her good self was palpable.

The choice of songs was a masterstroke. Leaning heavily on her new solo album that’s set to be released in 2024. Sari has already laid the groundwork. It was very cool  to see that despite being relatively unknown to Kiefer’s audience her merch was snatched up.

The biggest surprise of her set was closing with a sexy version of the Status Quo standard Down, Down.  I’m pretty sure her meaning of the lyrics is a bit different from what Quo were thinking when they wrote it. 

Sari is incredibly humble and took the time to have a natter, not just with us but also with her new fans. She’s a beautiful soul and totally appreciative of everyone in her crew. 

Her new album sounds like it’s going to be a belter. Especially Where Have You Been My Friend? and
Damn, the Reason. Fingers crossed it won’t be too long for its release and she’s back in the UK with the full band for a headline tour.

I’m still buzzing from her acoustic set.

Thank you Sari for inviting All About The Rock to not just your soundcheck but also the full show. 

For all things Sari Schorr, click HERE, and to purchase her merch, including the music, click HERE

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Where Have You Been My Friend
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