Scarlet Aura and Ralf Scheepers are firing all weapons!

Scarlet Aura and Ralf Scheepers are firing all weapons!

8th February 2023 0 By John Deaux

Scarlet Aura starts 2023 in full force by announcing the release of their latest single ‚ÄúFire All Weapons‚ÄĚ featuring the one and only Ralf Scheepers from Primal Fear.¬†
Ralf was invited by the band to play together in October 2022 in an amazing performance at the Rock United event made by Scarlet Aura, in which the Queen of Metal Doro Pesch was also performing alongside Romanian heavy metallers.
Ralf dedicated a few days to Scarlet Aura event but also filmed with the band the video for this smashing heavy metal masterpiece that brings strong riffs, speedy drums and thunderous bass guitar under the flag of two of the most powerful and harmonious vocals of Aura and Ralf. 
The song, written by Mihai Danciulescu combined perfectly these two heavy metal monsters and definitely could become a future anthem of the free genre. 
Ralf Scheepers shares: ‚ÄúAura and Mihai from the band Scarlet Aura have asked me if I want to join them singing a duet on their new track ‚ÄúFire all weapons‚ÄĚ, so I have asked them to send me the demo to decide this, they did it and I immediately liked the song!
I imported the files into my DAW and did the song in two hours and sent back my results. They liked it and so we had a great contribution. 
Last year they asked me if I want to join for the video as well and I had time to do this. So I traveled to Romania to shoot the video. I got to know all the members of the band, they were kind and wonderful people! A very friendly and familiar atmosphere. I have also joined their show as a special event show including Doro and me.
We all had a blast together!
You will like the results of the video and the song I‚Äôm very sure!‚ÄĚ
The video was directed by Laurentiu Tomoroga and Paul Decu and filmed at the historic site near Bucharest.
The single will be released on 24th of February so, stay tuned! 
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Scarlet Aura Discography:
‚ÄúThe Rock Chick‚ÄĚ (as ‚ÄúAURA‚ÄĚ), Universal Music Romania 2014
‚ÄúTomboy‚ÄĚ, digital single, Universal Music Romania 2014
‚ÄúFalling Sky‚ÄĚ, Pure Rock Records 2016¬†
‚ÄúThe Beast Within Me‚ÄĚ (EP), Outlanders Productions 2017
‚ÄúMemories‚ÄĚ, Outlanders Productions 2017
‚ÄúScarlet Aura Live in concert‚ÄĚ, CD/DVD Outlanders Productions 2018
‚ÄúJingle Bell Rock‚ÄĚ (Single), Universal Music/Silver City Records¬†2020
‚ÄúFalling Sky ‚Äď 5th¬†Anniversary‚ÄĚ, Universal Music/Silver City Records¬†2021

 The Book of Scarlet Trilogy:

  • ‚ÄúHot’n’Heavy‚ÄĚ, Silver City Records 2019
  • ‚ÄúStormbreaker‚ÄĚ, Silver City Records 2020
  • ‚ÄúGenesis of Time‚ÄĚ, Universal Music/Silver City Records 2021

“The Book of Scarlet ” Books¬†(by Aura Danciulescu):
‚ÄúThe Book of Scarlet. Vol. I ‚ÄstIgnition‚ÄĚ. ISBN:¬†978-3964439796.¬†170 p; 2018, 2019
‚ÄúThe Book of Scarlet. Vol. II ‚ÄstScarlets United‚ÄĚ. ISBN:¬†978-6060670247.¬†130 p; 2021

¬†‚ÄúUnder My Skin‚ÄĚ ‚Äď 2CD,¬†Universal Music/Silver City Records¬†2022


Lead Vocals: Aura Danciulescu
Lead guitar & Vocals: Mihai Danciulescu
Bass guitar & Vocals: Rene Nistor
Drums: Spas Markov

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