6th October 2023 0 By Lee Farmery

Being an avid follower of Sisters and many other classic 80s Goth bands I was pleased to be asked to review this concert of one of my all-time favorite groups.  


It’s been two years since I saw Sisters at the Roundhouse and this time I brought my niece along as she is also a bit of a fan of the band.  

Tonight is their second day performing at the Roundhouse and it is a sellout. 


Photo of The Virginmarys Courtesy of Lee Farmery

The first band on is The VirginMarys . A very dynamic 2 piece. Although I hadn’t really heard any of their material before they captured my and the audience’s attention very quickly. Their music is a rock with a punk, touch of Americana and also a dark undercurrent. Yes, a fantastic mix of sounds.  

I heard elements of even Lemmy when the vocalist/guitarist was heading into the upper vocal register.  

I will definitely be checking them out on another tour and I highly recommend them. 

So next up is the Headline  

Sister Of Mercy Photo Courtesy of Lee Farmery

Well, the show kicks off and we’re right down the front.  

The first song is “I will call you “  

It firstly is apparent that they are one guitarist down then it also becomes apparent that Andrew Eldrich’s vocals are so low you would require bat-like hearing to even pick it out.  

I could talk about the rest of the gig but basically, it was shocking.  

You would think that at some point during the gig, the vocals would have been pushed louder. Alas, not … 

The only vocals that held it together were remaining guitarist Ben Cristo. I honestly think he somewhat saved the show from completely dying on its arse.  

I am not going to review each song as it basically was a mess from the first to the last song ….. Andrew actually apologized to the audience before exiting the stage for the rather awkward and quite painful to-watch performance.  

Sisters Of Mercy Photo Courtesy of Lee Farmery

Whilst leaving my niece mentioned how bad it was to which I explained Goths don’t always want a fantastic gig. If it was awesome then we would of all left smiling which will totally go against our depressive looks. 😀

Set List

I Will Call You



Don’t Drive on Ice

But Genevieve

First and Last and Always

Dominion / Mother Russia

Giving Ground (The Sisterhood cover)

We Are the Same, Susanne



Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard

Eyes of Caligula

I Was Wrong

When You Don’t See Me

Vision Thing

On the Beach

When I’m on Fire


Lucretia My Reflection

Temple of Love

This Corrosion


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