Slade – Live at The New Victoria (Blue/Clear Splatter Double Vinyl) – Review

Slade – Live at The New Victoria (Blue/Clear Splatter Double Vinyl) – Review

20th February 2024 0 By John Deaux

As I played the cool blue and clear splattered vinyl of Slade Live at The New Victoria, I felt like I was right in the middle of an awesome rock ‘n’ roll show. 

Live At The New Victoria captures Slade’s amazing stage presence, allowing fans to experience their electrifying performance up close. As soon as the needle hits the record, you can hear the excitement in the air, and Slade brought it with their amazing performance. Their music had this incredible energy that just resonated with every track, and it got people fired up. Songs like “Cum On Feel the Noize” and “The Bangin’ Man” are even more alive, showing that the band is still as relevant and energetic as ever. What makes this live album stand out is how it captures the vibe of Slade’s live shows.

The band just vibes on stage, with every note and drumbeat coming together to make an amazing musical noise. Noddy Holder’s rough vocals sound incredible, and Dave Hill’s killer guitar solos get the crowd going. Jim Lea and Don Powell keep everything steady and full of energy with their solid rhythm section. The sound on this vinyl is amazing, capturing every little detail of Slade’s awesome performance including the fun they were so obviously having.

You can hear the powerful bass and the killer guitar solos with such clarity. And the vinyl itself looks cool with its blue and clear splatter design, which matches the intensity of the music.
After listening to the last song “Mama We’re All Crazee Now” at The New Victoria concert, I was left speechless and wanting more.

This double LP release is not just a recording of a concert, it’s a tribute to one of the best rock bands. Whether you’ve been a fan for years or just discovered their music, this record is a great addition to any collection. It’s a reminder of the raw energy of rock ‘n’ roll and Slade’s place in music history.

Score 9/10
Side A
1. Them Kinda Monkeys Can’t Swing
2. The Bangin’ Man
3. Gudbuy T’Jane

Side B
4. Far Far Away
5. Thanks for the Memory (Wham Bam Thank You Mam)
6. How Does It Feel

Side C
7. Just a Little Bit
8. Everyday
9. OK Yesterday Was Yesterday

Side D
10. Raining in My Champagne
11. Let the Good Times Roll
12. Mama Weer All Crazee Now

Label – BMG
Release – 23rd Feb

For all things Slade, click HERE and to purchase the album, click HERE


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