Slipknot – Live At MSG – 2 LP review

Slipknot – Live At MSG – 2 LP review

24th August 2023 0 By John Deaux

One of the most sought-after Slipknot shows is finally on vinyl as it’s only been available previously via the deluxe CD of All Hope Is Gone.

If you own that version, then you’ll know that the sound quality is not up to snuff (pardon the pun). It’s more of an official bootleg.

The band played 153 shows during the All Hope Is Gone touring cycle of 2008-2009 but the most special for them was headlining Madison Square Gardens for the first time. 

Live At MSG captures the performance, the band is absolute fire and the set list is bonkers.

As a historical document of the performance with Paul Gray and Joey Jordison being present, it’s great to hear it, albeit with a very loud audience that occasionally drowns out the band and makes the recording sound incredibly muddy. But after a side and a bit, your ears do get used to it. At least it’s 100% live and I have to say the way they’ve split the sides is amazing. 

If you’re a completeist (like myself) Live At MSG  on vinyl is a must-have. If you’re not an out-and-out fan of Slipknot but like a live album, 9.0 Live or (sic)nesses Live at  Download (with the added bonus of the DVD) are a better choice. 

Score 6/10
Wait And Bleed
Get This
Before I Forget
The Blister Exists
Dead Memories
Left Behind
Everything Ends
People = Shit
Spit It Out
Label – Roadrunner
Release – 18th August 2023

For all things Slipknot, click HERE and to purchase the album, click HERE



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