SPIRIT OF WILDFIRE 3  A Celebration of endurance and a new era of hope  16-19 JULY 2021

SPIRIT OF WILDFIRE 3 A Celebration of endurance and a new era of hope 16-19 JULY 2021

15th July 2021 0 By John Deaux

It’s the final weekend of Covid restrictions. The end of a dark chapter of – what has been for many – home isolation, anxiety and loss. An era where there were no gigs and, together, we found ways to connect, to support one another and to keep the lights of for grassroots music.


This weekend also marks a new chapter – a new era for hope. Covid is still around, but as restrictions fall away attention can turn to rebuilding lives and wellbeing, plus supporting the festivals and venues that need our support.


It’s a weekend that marks the end of an era and hopefully the start of a new one.


So, Great Music Stories is back with another radio festival this weekend, and it’s our third supporting the enduring spirit and ethos of Wildfire Festival, an event that does so much to support new and rising bands – and an event we have proudly supported since 2016. For those going up the mountain it’s a weekend to get you in the mood – and for those not yet comfortable venturing out, it’s a weekend to lift the spirits through fine music and great stories.


Unlike previous radio festivals we’ve done, this is more than a collection of recorded session sets. We’ve mixing the music performances with artist interviews and also opening our archive from previous Wildfire years, audio from past events that really evokes the magic of the festival events we have missed so much. Spanning the Wildfire Festivals we have reported from since 2016, the weekend presents a unique portrait of a grassroots event through time and the evolution of bands that have grown through it. We also welcome participation from artists that are allies to Wildfire and our work during lockdown – and, who knows, acts that could be on the bill for a future year.


It’s a relaxed weekend all about the healing power of music to unite and inspire us, and after 17 months of lockdown – a weekend to give us hope for happier days ahead.


The schedule is below with approximate timings. The Friday rockshow this week will act as a preview to the weekend which starts in full on Saturday morning.


Listen in on GMS radio on greatmusicstories.com or ask Alexa to play ‘great music stories radio.’


Schedule and running order updates over the days ahead on Twitter @GuyB_rockshow or insta @greatmusicstories
Friday 16 July

Friday rockshow (weekend Preview)


Cardinal Black, North Atlas, Safire, ThunderMother, Ashen Reach, Bad Touch, Trucker Diablo, Deever, JFK Blue, The Autumn Killers & Devilfire

Saturday 17 July

8am                     Breakfast

Bad Day Blues Band, Clipe Circle, A New Tomorrow, Everyday Heroes, Haxan

9am                     Artist Hour Special

Ravenbreed – new interview and live set

10am                   Artist Hour Special                       

Hoss Thompson – new interview and live set

11am                   Live sets: 2021

Mike Ross, Cloverhill, Liberty Lies & Copperworm

12pm                  Wildfire 2016 Revisited

Gasoline Outlaws, Inglorious, Mason Hill, Rusted Hero, Fireroad, Crowsaw

Massive Wagons, Colour of Noise, Orangefall, Thirteen Stars, RSJ

Kane’d, Hellbound Hearts, The Jokers, Black Nevada

Solitary, The Demons of Old Metal, Hell’s Addiction

Vice & Avenford

2pm                     Live Sets 2021

Verity White, Jason Sweeney, Electric Black, The Dust Coda

3pm                     Artist Hour Special

Amongst Liars – new interview and live set

4pm                     Wildfire 2019 revisited

As Sirens Fall, Verity White, The Big Dirty, Hollowstar Swamp Born Assassins,

Tarot Rats, Landslides, Kill The Silence, Nocturne Wulf, King Creature, Vice,

Last Alibi, Devilfire, Revival Black, Jeanice Lee, Burn The Maps, Tantrum, Indya,

Copperworm, Dead XIII, These Wicked Rivers, White Raven Down,

Scarlet Rebels, Gallows Circus, Skam, RHR, She Burns Red,

Crooked Shapes, Dig Lazarus, Daxx & Roxane, 4th Labyrinth,

Tokado, 10 Gauge.

7pm                     Live Sets: Spirit of Wildfire 2

Toby Jepson, ThunderMother, Austin Jenckes, Robert Jon & The Wreck

8.30pm Dave Ritchie Interview Hour

9.30pm Scarlet Rebels from Maidenhead

Live set and feature interview to follow


Sunday 18 July

0800                    Breakfast

Twister, Unknown Refuge, King Voodoo, Victorius, Mad Haven & more

9am                     Wildfire 2017 revisited

Aaron Buchanan, Kaleb McKane, Gasoline Outlaws, Black King Cobra,

Other Animals, The Treatment, Tequila Mockingbyrd, Theia, The Jokers,

Safire, The Texas Flood, Fireroad, Little Brother Eli, Massive, Skam, Vice,

Fahran, Empyre, The King Lot, Psychobabylon, Swamp Born Assassins,

Bad Touch, Thirteen Stars, Fragile Things, Wolf Jaw, Piston, Those Damn Crows,

Anchor Lane

11.45am             Live sets:  Spirit of Wildfire #1

Samarkind, Skam, Safire, Tarot Rats, Gallows Circus, At The Sun

12.45pm             Live sets 2021

Broken Witt Rebels, As Sirens Fall, Revival Black, DeadBlondeStars, Edenthorn

1.40pm GuyB’s Wildfire story 2016-21

Fireroad, Broken Witt Rebels, Little Brother Eli, Inglorious, Screaming Eagles, Massive Wagons, Skam, Samarkind, Tarot Rats, ThunderMother, Scarlet Rebels & Toby Jepson

3.10pm Live Sets: Spirit of Wildfire #2

Amongst Liars, Florence Black, Anchor Lane, Sari Schorr, White Raven Down

4.30pm Artist Hour special

Jason Sweeny – new interview and live set

5.30pm Artist Hour special

Jack J Hutchinson – new interview and live set

6.30pm Live sets: 2021

Austin Gold and The Karma Effect

7pm                     Artist Hour Special

Empyre – new interview and live set

8pm                     Wildfire 2018: the Lost tapes

V0id, Mason Hill, Massive Wagons, Gallows Circus, At The Sun,

Hellbound Hearts & ThunderMother

9.10pm Artist Hour Special

Verity White – new interview and set

10pm                  BadFlower – music set and interview



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