Status Quo: Deluxe editions of‘Perfect Remedy’, ‘Rock ’Til You Drop’ and ‘Thirsty Work’

Status Quo: Deluxe editions of‘Perfect Remedy’, ‘Rock ’Til You Drop’ and ‘Thirsty Work’

16th January 2020 0 By Jon Deaux

Status Quo are delighted to announce the release of deluxe expanded 2CD / 3CD versions of a trio of classic albums, namely ‘Perfect Remedy’, ‘Rock ’Til You Drop’ and ‘Thirsty Work’.  These special editions are to be issued by UMC, on 6th March 2020.  These carefully curated special releases come with an enhanced booklet containing new interviews and notes by Classic Rock’s Dave Ling and also feature rare photos and memorabilia from the band’s personal collection.  There are also a dozen previously unreleased tracks/versions across the set [see track-listing].  ‘Perfect Remedy’ and ‘Rock ’Til You Drop’ were the band’s final releases on the revered Vertigo label, whilst ‘Thirsty Work’ was their debut release through Polydor.
‘Perfect Remedy’ was the nineteenth studio album by Status Quo. Released in 1989 the album charted at no 49 in the UK album charts.  The album was produced by Pip Williams at Compass point in the Bahamas and features the singles ‘Not at All’ and ‘Little Dreamer’
This 3-CD set features 2 bonus discs of bonus material with live performances and B-sides
Status Quo’s twentieth album ‘Rock ’Till You Drop’, produced by Francis Rossi, was the band’s last for Vertigo after being on the label for 20 years.  The album charted at no 10 in the UK album charts and is regarded by some as the band’s best album since ‘Piledriver’. The album contains a re-recorded version of the Quo classic ‘Forty-Five Hundred Times’ which is over three minutes longer then the ‘Hello’ original.
This 3-CD set features 2 bonus discs of bonus material with live performances and B-sides
‘Thirsty Work’ was the follow up to the acclaimed ‘Rock ‘Till You Drop’ and was released in 1994. It was the band’s twenty first album. The album which reached no 13 in the UK album charts was their first for the Polydor label.  The album featured a trio of top forty singles including ‘I Didn’t Mean It’, ‘Sherri Don’t Fail Me Now’ and ‘Restless’
This 2-CD set features 2 bonus discs of bonus material with live performances and B-sides
These releases are fully supported and endorsed by the band members, past and present – and represent a triumphant revisiting of the glory days of one of the world’s most important rock acts. 


DISC ONE – Perfect Remedy

  1. Little Dreamer                                                                      
  2. Not at All                                                                              
  3. Heart on Hold                                                                       
  4. Perfect Remedy                                                                     
  5. Address Book                                                                       
  6. The Power of Rock                                                                
  7. The Way I Am                                                                      
  8. Tommy’s in Love                                                                  
  9. Man Overboard                                                                     
  10. Going Down for The First Time                                             
  11. Throw Her A Line                                                                 
  12. 1000 Years                                                                           

DISC TWO                                                                                      

  1. Gone Thru the Slips – B-Side Of ‘Not at All’
  2. Rotten to The Bone – B-Side to 7” & 12” of ‘Little Dreamer’
  3. Doing It All for You – B-Side to 12” of ‘Little Dreamer’
  4. The Anniversary Waltz – 12” Version (Full): Rock and Roll Music / Lover Please / That’ll Be the Day / Singing the Blues / When Will I Be Loved / Let’s Work Together / Keep A-Knockin’ / Long Tall Sally / Let’s Dance / Red River Rock / No Particular Place to Go / The Wanderer / I Hear You Knocking / Lucille / Great Balls of Fire 
  5. The Power of Rock – Edited Version (B-Side of ‘Anniversary Waltz’)
  6. Fighting for Love – early Version of ‘The Power of Rock’
  7. Blondes Don’t Lie – Outtake
  8. The Anniversary Waltz – Spanish Promo Version #1: Rockin’ All Over the World / Whatever You Want / Rock and Roll Music / Lover Please / Let’s Dance / Red River Rock / Great Balls of Fire 
  9. The Anniversary Waltz – Spanish Promo Version #2: Rock and Roll Music / Lover Please / What You’re Proposing / Let’s Dance / Red River Rock 
  10. Paper Plane – Bray Studios 1990
  11. Caroline – Birmingham NEC 1989
  12. Roll Over Lay Down – Birmingham NEC 1989
  13. Little Lady – Birmingham NEC 1989

DISC THREE – ‘Rockin’ All Over the Years – Live at the N.E.C. 1989’  

  1. In My Chair                                                                            
  2. Little Dreamer                                                                        
  3. Perfect Remedy                                                                      
  4. Mystery Medley: Mystery Song / Railroad / Most of the Time / Wild Side of Life / Rollin’ Home / Again and Again / Slow Train 
  5. Hold You Back                                                                       
  6. The Power of Rock                                                                  
  7. Dirty Water                                                                            
  8. Whatever You Want                                                               
  9. In the Army Now                                                                    
  10. Rockin’ All Over the World                                                    
  11. Don’t Waste My Time                                                             
  12. Roadhouse Medley: Roadhouse Blues / The Wanderer / Marguerita Time / Living on an Island / Break the Rules / Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like / The Price of Love / Roadhouse Blues  
  13. Burning Bridges                                                                     


  1. Like A Zombie                                                                        
  2. All We Really Wanna Do (Polly)                                             
  3. Fakin’ The Blues                                                                     
  4. One Man Band                                                                        
  5. Rock ’Til You Drop                                                                
  6. Can’t Give You More                                                              
  7. Warning Shot                                                                          
  8. Let’s Work Together                                                                
  9. Bring It on Home                                                                     
  10. No Problems                                                                           
  11. Good Sign                                                                               
  12. Tommy                                                                                   
  13. Nothing Comes Easy                                                               
  14. Fame or Money                                                                       
  15. Price of Love                                                                           
  16. Forty-Five Hundred Times                                                       

DISC TWO                                                                                      

  1. Dead in the Water – B-Side of Can’t Give You More’
  2. Mysteries from the Ball – B-Side of ‘Can’t Give You More’
  3. Heavy Daze – B-Side of ‘Fakin’ the Blues’ (withdrawn)
  4. Better Times – B-Side of ‘Fakin’ the Blues’ (withdrawn)
  5. (Brit Awards) Medley – B-Side of ‘Rock ’Til You Drop’: Caroline / Down Down / Whatever You Want / Rockin’ All Over the World 
  6. Can’t Give You More – 7″ Edit
  7. Fakin’ The Blues – 7″ Edit (withdrawn)
  8. Can’t Give You More – Radio Edit (promo only)
  9. The Anniversary Waltz Part 1 -Barcelona, 25th May 1991*

DISC THREE – ‘Rock ‘Til You Drop – The Live Event’                

  1. Paper Plane – Sheffield Arena, 21st September 1991*
  2. Price of Love – Sheffield Arena, 21st September 1991*
  3. Mystery Medley – Sheffield Arena, 21st September 1991: Mystery Song / Railroad / Most of the Time / Wild Side of Life / Rollin’ Home / Again and Again / Slow Train
  4. Rain – Sheffield Arena, 21st September 1991*
  5. Rock ’Til You Drop – Glasgow SECC, 21st September 1991*
  6. Down Down – Glasgow SECC, 21st September 1991
  7. Roll Over Lay Down – Glasgow SECC, 21st September 1991
  8. Let’s Work Together – Glasgow SECC, 21st September 1991*
  9. Little Lady – Birmingham NEC, 21st September 1991
  10. Whatever You Want -Birmingham NEC, 21st September 1991
  11. In the Army Now – Birmingham NEC, 21st September 1991*
  12. Burning Bridges – Wembley Arena, 21st September 1991
  13. Rockin’ All Over the World – Wembley Arena, 21st September 1991
  14. The Anniversary Waltz – Wembley Arena, 21st September 1991*
  15. Encore Medley; Rock and Roll Music, Sweet Soul Music, Bye Bye Johnny – Wembley Arena, 21st September 1991



  1. Goin’ Nowhere         
  2. I Didn’t Mean It         
  3. Confidence               
  4. Point of No Return    
  5. Sail Away                 
  6. Like It or Not            
  7. Soft in The Head       
  8. Queenie                    
  9. Lover of The Human Race                                           
  10. Sherri Don’t Fail Me Now                                            
  11. Rude Awakening Time                                                 
  12. Back on My Feet       
  13. Restless                    
  14. Ciao Ciao                  
  15. Tango                       
  16. Sorry                        

DISC TWO                                                                            

  1. Survival – B-Side of ‘I Didn’t Mean It’
  2. She Knew Too Much – B-Side of ‘I Didn’t Mean It’ 
  3. Tossin’ And Turning – B-Side of ‘Sherri Don’t Fail Me Now’
  4. Down to You -B-Side of ‘Sherri Don’t Fail Me Now’
  5. Beautiful – B-Side of ‘Sherri Don’t Fail Me Now’
  6. And I Do – B-Side of ‘Restless’
  7. Democracy – B-Side of ‘Restless’
  8. I Didn’t Mean It – Acoustic
  9. Sherri Don’t Fail Me Now – Extended
  10. Restless – Orchestral
  11. I Didn’t Mean It – Hooligan Version
  12. Going Nowhere – Live in Stockholm 1994*
  13. Soft in The Head – Live in Stockholm 1994*
  14. Rude Awakening Time – Live in Stockholm 1994*
  15. Restless – Live at Royal Albert Hall 1994*

*Previously unreleased

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