Steve Vai – Vai/Gash – CD Review

Steve Vai – Vai/Gash – CD Review

4th February 2023 0 By John Deaux

It’s not every day you come across an album that reminds you of the 1st time you hear David Lee Roths Eat ’em and Smile Extremes Pornograffiti, and Addicted To That Rush by Mr.Big, but that’s exactly whatVai/Gash does.

This album has been sat on a shelf in Steves house for 30 years and are only now seeing the light of day. Vocalist Johnny “Gash” Sombrotto is an absolute powerhouse. The way he delivers and sings with such vigor,  I’d actually put him in the same realm as Jeff Scott Soto and Gary Cherone. It’s such a shame the guy died in a motorcycle accident and hasn’t seen or heard this album come to life. 

As for the guitar work of Steve Vai, there’s nothing to say except WOW. Vai is reigned in and his solos work around the vocal melody, serving the song as opposed to making it all about him. Yes, he shreds, performs divebombs, and is typical Vai, but it’s done to enhance, not show off. 

Vai/Gash isn’t going to be for everyone, which is no bad thing, as opposed to those who ‘get it’ for want of a better term are going to be slayed. 

It’s an absolute belter of a record. There’s not a bad track on it. Believe me, I’ve tried to find one as I’m not a fan of ‘cock rock’ but I’m staggered by this record. The closest I got was She Saved My Life Tonight. Although it was released as a single, for me it’s the weakest track on the album. Saying that tho, I can’t actually bring myself to skip it as it sits really nicely in the cohesive space that is Vai/Gash

My neighbors don’t like this album, but I do. Especially Busted. The guitar solo explodes like a bukkake scene in one of those dirty movies.

Vai/Gash is full of reasons as to WHY you should buy this album and I won’t bore you by listing them. Give the album a listen, I think you’ll find your own as to why you did.
I’m amazed this album didn’t set the smoke alarms off in my house. It’s pure fire.

Score 9/10
Track List
1. In the Wind
2. Busted
3. Let’s Jam
4. Woman Fever
5. She Saved My Life Tonight
6. Danger Zone
7. New Generation
8. Flowers of Life

Label – Favored Nations
Release – 27th January 2023

For all things Steve Vai, click HERE and to purchase the album, click HERE

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