Swedish Melodic Metal Outfit METALITE Premieres Brand New Song “Take My Hand”!

Swedish Melodic Metal Outfit METALITE Premieres Brand New Song “Take My Hand”!

17th March 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

Following their 2020 album A Virtual World and Live at Sweden Rock, a digital, 4-track EP in 2022, Stockholm-based melodic metal act METALITE has revealed a brand new track, entitled “Take My Hand”!

“We’re thrilled to release ‘Take My Hand’, a single we wrote during album sessions that could have made it into a big European music contest, LOL! We’re excited to finally share it with our fans who have been waiting for new music”, the band comments. “This track showcases our signature sound with heavy guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and a catchy chorus that will leave you wanting more. We hope this song will bring a little light into people’s lives during these tough times. Thank you for your support, and we can’t wait to see how our fans react to it.”

With their blend of modern melodic metal and the expertly use of electronic elements, sphaeric layers that meet flirring sequences and stoic beats that fit like a second skin for the massive, melodic and outrageous catchy soundwall, METALITE enthralls heavy music fans all over the globe. One can only hope, the new single “Take My Hand” is just a first harbinger for a new full-length album to come in the not so distant future!

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