SYLVATICA release new album “Cadaver Synod” in September

SYLVATICA release new album “Cadaver Synod” in September

3rd August 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

Motivated by a desire to explore their own artistic style and venture into new territories, SYLVATICA embarked on the creation of their third album, titled “Cadaver Synod”. This album delves into the dark tales of the Middle Ages, incorporating elements such as the haunting sounds of church organs, theremin, and Gregorian chants. The result is a set of gloomy and atmospheric compositions, enriched by the addition of Hammond organs and synthesizers, evoking a nostalgic 70s vibe with occasional doom influences. The production on this album is intentionally rawer compared to their previous works, emphasizing the organic and atmospheric aspects while embracing a more playful approach. Despite these changes, the band’s distinctive classic sound remains present, revitalized with a fresh and exciting twist. 

“Cadaver Synod” will be released on LP (black vinyl, limited to 300 copies) and digital formats via Mighty Music on October 20th, 2023. Pre-orders are available here.

The first single from the album, “Titivillus”, will be out on Friday next week and can be pre-ordered here.

Sylvatica has been creating captivating melodies and delivering breathtaking solos since 2009 when the band was formed by a group of childhood friends who were enamored with the folk-metal movement of the late 2000s. The band made their debut with the folk-infused EPs “Sagn & Sagaer” and “Mosemanden,” followed closely by the melodic death metal-inspired album “Evil Seeds.” During this period, they embarked on tours with renowned Danish folk-metal bands. 

Having gained extensive experience from numerous concerts and studio sessions, the band released their refined album “Ashes and Snow” in 2021, receiving accolades from both Danish and international music publications. This album showcased exceptional Finnish-inspired melodic death metal, marking a significant milestone in Sylvatica’s career. Until now, when “Cadaver Synod” comes like a hurricane into Sylvatica’s discography. 

“Cadaver Synod” tracklist:

  1. Strife 
    2. Papa Poltergeist 
    3. Titivillus
    4. Pope Innocent VIII 
    5. Song Of The Leper 
    6. Scapegoat 
    7. In The Eyes Of God 
    8. Song Of The Leper (acoustic) 

Jarden Schlesinger – vocals, guitar
Thomas Haxen – bass
Jacques Harm Brandt Hauge – drums
Christian Christiansen – guitar


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