Symphonic/Gothic Metal Project ELEMENT OF FATE Releases Official Video for “Night Winds”

Symphonic/Gothic Metal Project ELEMENT OF FATE Releases Official Video for “Night Winds”

16th February 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

ELEMENT OF FATE, a Melodic Symphonic/Gothic metal project consisting of fantasy artist and vocalist, Carol Phillips, and guitarist/musician, Scott Loose (Stellar Death, While Heaven Wept, et al), has released the official video for “Night Winds.” Originally released in 2023, the track has been remastered and remixed for this special video release.

“Night Winds” explores the themes of loss, betrayal, grief, and redemption. It tells the story of a woman who flees into the forest after a bitter quarrel with her lover. Overwhelmed by pain anger and grief, she seeks the wisdom of the night winds, the ancient spirits of her ancestors. She yearns for love and acceptance and she struggles to find courage in her darkest moment longing to be free of her sorrows. She wishes to atone for her faults and learn to forgive again. With a heavy heart, she surrenders herself to the night. She is then transformed into a phantom spirit, who is fated to roam the woods forevermore. In the hour of the wolf, she discovers new life, love, forgiveness, and rebirth in the realm of the deceased.


The concept for “Night Winds” was born entirely from Carol Phillips’ vivid imagination. It delves into strong human emotions, the feelings that arise when one’s heart is weighed down to the point where it feels impossible to move forward. Life’s challenges can be overwhelming, leading to emotions of self-doubt, l frustration, anger, and loneliness. Despite almost giving up, one manages to make necessary sacrifices, displaying resilience and strength to rise above these feelings and reclaim the night. Emerging on the other side reborn and stronger than ever, suddenly, the night belongs to the individual, who can achieve anything. 


Element of Fate primarily draws influence from traditional metal bands but leverages modern recording techniques to craft their unique sound. The music varies from high-energy thrashing to melodic and groovy, and the lyrics explore a range of fantasy-laden, mystical, and sci-fi storylines. Carol’s dynamic voice, paired with Scott’s passion for writing guitar riffs, creates a textured fusion of metallic and dream-like soundscapes. All of the music and releases are accompanied by Carol’s original artwork, which creates an even more immersive experience for the listener. 



Carol Phillips: Vocals, Lyrics/Story, Melodies

Scott Loose: Guitars, Bass, Keys, Drum Programing, Arrangement


Individual Bios:


Carol Phillips is a fantasy artist and illustrator based in Portland, Oregon. She is a classically trained vocalist who began studying voice at age 13. She is primarily a lover of rock and heavy metal but also enjoys singing many other styles of music. Her training and varied inspirations have allowed her to develop a very dynamic vocal range and tonality. Carol’s desire to explore all of the sounds and textures of the voice enables her to uniquely convey a story and to emotionally connect with the listener. Element of Fate is her first foray into the world of songwriting and recording—merging her creative passion for both art and music and fulfilling a life-long passion.


Scott Loose is a Washington, DC-based guitarist/musician and recording artist who has been writing music and playing in various rock/metal bands since the early 1990s. He has appeared on over 20 recordings and has toured throughout the United States and Europe. Scott is also a founding member of the Bravemusic record label, whose motto is to create music “without boundaries” ( Scott is best known for his work with As the Sea Parts, Brave, Day of Departure, Stellar Death, and

While Heaven Wept.


Element of Fate on Spotify


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