The Black Angels – Indigo Meadow

30th March 2013 0 By Matt Farrington


The Black Angels


Band: The Black Angels
Album: Indigo Meadow
Record Label: Blue Horizon Ventures
Release Date:  2nd April 2013
Reviewed By: Matt
Indigo Meadow Tracklist:
01. Indigo Meadow
02. Evil Things
03. Don’t Play With Guns
04. Holland
05. The Day
06. Love Me Forever
07. War On Holiday
08. Always Maybe
09. Broken Soldier
10. I Hear Colors (Chromaesthesia)
11. Twisted Light
12. You’re Mine
13. Black Isn’t Black
For Fans of: The UFO club, Elephant Stone
Stand out Tracks – Evil Things, Don’t Play With Guns
Stoner psychedelic rockers  The Black Angels release their fourth studio album Indigo Meadow on April 2nd. The quartet come from Austin Texas and formed back in 2004.
There are definitely lots of “Doors-type” rolling organs from the off and this becomes more apparent in comparison on the 2nd track Evil Things, single Don’t Play With Guns comes next. The one thing I really like is the distorted roar of the bass on the album on some of the tracks Guns  being one. The album provides some strong solid tracks backed by rolling organs and flowing bass whilst psychedelic guitars trip in and out of each track. Vocals lay nicely on top and it’s a really cool sounding record. Its more of a record to relax to and get lost to I feel more than to rock out, it’s simply a case of turn on and chill out however I think some of these tracks would come over harder live. Love me forever is more grunge based and make no mistake, this is a dirty grinding record and another strong addition to the bands catalogue.
Check them out for something a little different……
SCORE –  7 out of 10
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