15th February 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

The Courettes are back! Although really, they’ve never been away. Without doubt, the hardest working rock n’ roll duo out there, The Courettes are rarely off the road and play a staggering number of gigs across the globe every year. Yet, somehow amongst all of the live sweatin’ and stompin’, they’ve also found time to record a new album, and following the 2021 ‘Back In Mono’ release, they will return in September with a brand-new record for Damaged Goods appropriately titled ‘The Soul Of The Fabulous Courettes’.

This week we get to hear the first results of the album in the new single ‘Shake!’. Released on seven-inch Gold colored vinyl, the single also features the track ‘You Woo Me’ which is exclusive to this release.

“A classic hip-shaking clip to announce the grooviest Courettes’ tune to date!” says guitarist and singer Flavia Couri. “Try to listen to ‘Shake!’ without rocking your hips!”

‘Shake!’ gives you killer fuzz riffs, Motown beats, hints of soul and young Tina Turner vibes are all in there, showcasing a bit of the recipe of The Courettes’ next album.

The first of three 7″ singles to whet your appetite for their new album, ‘Shake!’ gets the party started, and it’s not going to stop.

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