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Following the release of their ‘Cock Of The Fifth Year’ single earlier this year, Manchester alt-punks The Empty Page have let loose the second taste from their forthcoming new album ‘Imploding’ with razor-sharp new single, ‘Life Is A Wave’. 

Inspired by a more electronic/dance sound, ‘Life Is A Wave’ sees The Empty Page veering off in a fresh direction, propelled by a New Order-esque rhythm, the song still swirls with the shimmering guitar and powerful, ethereal vocals that The Empty Page are renowned for.

“A few people I love have passed away over the past few years, often in really unexpected and seemingly unfair circumstances. I wrote Life Is A Wave in response to one of those losses,” explains singer Kel. “Its meaning is fairly straightforward, about how life is short, random, full of ups and downs and often ends when you least expect it to. It’s about holding those you love dear but trying to let the waves of life (and grief) flow over you because there is nothing you can do to change things. I played with the imagery of waves, lyrically, thinking about the waves on an ECG as well as the waves in the sea that can lift you aloft and crash you down.”

Filmed in one day and then edited in a single day by Ash Pears, the video for ‘Life Is A Wave’ perfectly emotes the song’s mood.

It’s been a long time since uncompromising Manchester alt-punks The Empty Page first unfurled their debut album ‘Unfolding’ back in 2016. It was never their intention to leave it that long, but founding member and original drummer Jim Cattell left the band during the recording process due to ill health, then there was the pandemic, and then life stuff got in the way. Some one-off songs and seven-inch single releases kept the fire and desire to play burning, signaling the path to the stunning new album ‘Imploding’, due for release this coming May 10th via the band’s own Vociferous Records.

Drummer John Simm (who also serves as percussionist for Stockport indie band Blossoms) plays on the record and at current live shows alongside frontwoman Kel Page and guitarist Giz as The Empty Page prepares to enter their exciting next phase.

For ‘Imploding’ the band worked with producer Morton Kong and for the first time found themselves with the luxury of not having to rush the recording process and took full advantage of the creative space, utilizing the studios vintage gear and experimenting with sounds and fresh ideas (“we hit massive bells with hammers, dicked around with walkie-talkies, created elaborate bass feedback setups,” laughs Kel) and generally pushed themselves and their music further than it has ever gone before.

“People often describe our sound as anxious, urgent, angular,” summarises Kel. “I think it’s all of those things because that’s what the inside of my brain looks like. But I think it’s lush and beautiful at times too. I hope people can hear the whole gamut of emotions in this record. It’s political, personal, passionate and, I hope, important.”

‘Imploding’ is out May 10th via Vociferous Records. Pre-order the album HERE:

‘Imploding’ Track-listing:

Dry Ice

Cock of the Fifth Year

Life is a Wave

Medication Nation

I’m a White Hot Blade (Witches are Wicked)

Gorge (Oh Well)

Level Sedentary

Big Nasty Palpitations                                                                                                       

Leaf Thin

What Happens Now?


Catch The Empty Page live at the following dates:

May 2 Shakespeare’s, Sheffield

May 10 The Night Owl, London

May 16 Yes Basement, Manchester

June 1 The Parish, Huddersfield

July 6 Right To Roam Festival, Bolton

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