The Fallout – Something’s Gone So Wrong

3rd February 2013 0 By Craig

Band: The Fallout

Album: Something’s Gone So Wrong
Record Label: Unsigned
Release Date: 4th November 2012
Reviewed by: Nicci
Local Manchester based rock n rollers, this is The Fallout. After (according to my iTunes) forty two minutes of listening to this ‘tour de force’ of an album, I’m captured. I honestly want more. The Fallout are phenomenally striking, smooth and blissfully unforgettable. Josh Stokes has definitely got something to be ‘stoked’ about (see what I did there). With his Jack-White-alike vocals, satisfyingly teasing leads from the lead guitarist John Clapper, harmoniously crowd-pleasing bass-lines from Nic Southwood and innovatively un-anticipating cadences from Alex (The Lion) Lacey, The Fallout are now, (thank the fake idol), on my iPod. They are quite the deities when it comes to knowing all those tickle spots that you don’t dare let anybody touch. In fact, I bet that they can tickle you without touching you.
Now, I don’t want to bore you with my love for all their songs on this album, so I’ll give you the ingredients of what I tasted from five of my pet-love songs, and why they SHOULD be part of your ‘My Dirty Little Playlist’ playlist. Yes. I know you that well that you’ve called it that. I have…
No.1: Fallout
Imagine military suits, halloween books, artillery, ghosts ‘n’ other stuff have been chucked into a bonfire and you get a velvety inferno of seductive rage. This definitely sums up The Fallout. Lock up your daughters, hide your wives because they’re ‘coming to getchya’.
No.2: Delirious
Independents, loneliness, drugs, alcohol, and a messy hotel room create this concoction.  We’ve all been there. The Fallout just slaps the truth out of your sex life, to sit with you and share the relation inside it rather own you for it. However, this piece will make you want to get drunk, so take caution.
No.3: Soar On
Birds, sunsets, sunrises, hilltops, seasons and fields visualise all the dreams that you forgot. This combines the perfect endeavours of unfussy libretto’s and build ups of pure music, as the guitar serenades it’s dedication to reminiscing with yourself that we’re only human to dream and that we can only try. It’s the mother of lullabies.
No.4: Reborn
A bunch of Super 8 films, Polaroid photo’s, road trip video’s and all the happy memories you valued all morphed into one to give you the documentary of your life so far. It’s so uplifting that I believe this is how I’d imagine defying gravity would sound like.
No.5: Not guilty
Flawless approach to the end of an album after an emotional tidal wave of being confronted, contentedly forced to recall past memories and non-stop envisages of their portrayal of freedom, hostility, adoration, revulsion and infatuation, I’m quite touched. If ever you feel down and have been pointing out all these defects of yourself, this is your hymn so, LEARN IT.
I really would have wrote about every song on the album, I mean it was bloody difficult enough to choose like three songs to write about when I thoroughly enjoyed every piece looped on iTunes. Whilst writing this, I’ve listened to the album like three times. That’s two hours and six minutes… They’re that annoyingly catchy! On top of that, the quality of the album is impeccable for a band that is unsigned thanks to The Fallout for their astonishing ear-ally transmitted fucking disease, Adam Shilton for the mix, engineering and production and Valentin Ramon for his captivating talent on the album artwork, who seem to know The Fallout’s tickle spots very well. Seriously though get your fucking hands on their album! It definitely won’t be a mistake, regret or a second thought.
This is the new fucking testament of the bible. ‘Watch out, we’re coming to get you’. This is the word of The Fallout.
Over and out.
8 out of 10

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