The Hip Priests – ‘Roden House Blues’ – Album Review

The Hip Priests – ‘Roden House Blues’ – Album Review

4th May 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

Nottingham rockers The Hip Priests are currently being heralded as a go-see live act and their debut album Roden House Blues hits all good and bad record stores soon. It should also be noted that this is as far away from being a blues album.

Upon initial listening, there are plenty of resemblances to The Damned’s debut album especially the 4th track, Pissed On Power has the vibe of Neat, Neat, Neat about it. Chasing Death is a very New Rose-sounding track.

Roden House Blues
is a solid album that wouldn’t sound out of place during the -punk era of 77-80 and that’s not a bad thing. The Hip Priests have knocked the attitude right out of the park. and with lyrics like ‘living like you ain’t shit to me’  from the album closer The Best Revenge best sums up the feeling of this album.

It’s a good album and proves punk isn’t dead, it’s just taking a really good kicking. Had this album been released back in the late 70’s early 80’s it would’ve done well and been up there with Give ‘Em Enough Rope by The Clash.

There’s a lot going for Roden House Blues, but I think for the older listener who remembers the mohawks, gobbing and pogoing etc 1st time around, they’ll be like me and listening to it through rose-tinted specs. New listeners will definitely get a kick out of it. 

The Hip Priests have produced an album for old-timers to reminisce and for youngsters to wish they were there.

Score 6/10
Track List

1              Trojan Horseshit

2              Inaction Rocks

3              Shakin’ Ain’t Fakin’

4              Pissed On Power

5              Can’t Abide With Me

6              Chasing Death

7              Sell My Soul

8              Just To Get By

9              Persistence Is Futile

10           Tiger In My Tank

11           The Best Revenge

Label – Sign Records
Release – 5th May

For all things for The Hip Priests, click HERE, and to purchase the album, click HERE


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