The Ruts DC – Music Must Destroy

The Ruts DC – Music Must Destroy

13th September 2016 0 By John Deaux

It’s been 35 years since The Ruts DC released an album, so it was with baited breath that after hearing the single I was tenting at the prospect of hearing this record. 

The album opens with the assault of Psychic Attack which showed that the band were back & ready for war.

But it’s from the end of said track, the album slips into what can only be described as a 90’s sounding Manchester record mixed with bit of T-Rex rather than the punk outing that Psychic Attack hinted at.

Having said that tho, musically & sonically the album hits all the mark. It’s a grower & not a shower.
The Ruts DC Band

It’s a very political & socially conscious aware record. Songs like Peace Bomb which is a call for the end of pointless & unwinnable wars & the title track Music Must Destroy (featuring Henry Rollins) trys to bring us back to when music was dangerous & was feared by the establishment.

Although this doesn’t sound like a typical punk album, it still has very punk lyrics.

It’s a very polished outing compared to the DIY sounding Babylon’s Burning days.

Score 6/10

Music Must Destroy album information

Ruts MusicTrack List
1. Psychic Attack
2. Music Must Destroy
3. Surprise
4. 2nd Hand Child
5. Soft City Lights
6. Kill The Pain
7. Peace Bomb
8. Tears On Fire
9. Vox Teardrop
10. Golden Boy

Release Date
16th September 2016

Plastic Head

For fans of  The Specials, Soup Dragons, The Skids

Check out The Ruts DC HERE & the album is available to purchase HERE

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