Transatlantic – Live At Morsefest 2022: The Absolute Whirlwind – Album Review

Transatlantic – Live At Morsefest 2022: The Absolute Whirlwind – Album Review

1st May 2024 0 By George Simpson

To randomly quote a caped crusader, ‘Holy prog overload Batman’! From the band who clearly believe that if something is worth doing, then it’s worth over doing, comes this truly epic package. Weighing in a colossal four-and-a-half hours, this thirty-eight-track monster takes you through some of the finest moments of Transatlantic‘s twenty-five-year recording career. 

For the uninitiated, Morsefest is a two-day festival curated by American Prog legend Neal Morse, largely featuring his one of his many projects each year. In the past Spock’s Beard, The Neal Morse Band, and Flying Colours have been center stage. However, in 2022 his prog rock supergroup Transatlantic finally made an appearance. And both of their shows that weekend are documented here.   

In addition to featuring a different set each night, they performed two of their classic albums in full over the weekend.  The Whirlwind on night one, with the superb The Absolute Universe, the following evening.  And, as if that wasn’t enough, there are also at least two tracks from each of their other albums are too. If you’re a fan of these chaps, then this five CD, two DVD set really is the motherload!

While there is no disputing the quality of the music on offer here, it’s superb throughout, I do have one gripe about this package. This is the FIFTH version of The Absolute Universe I have now. Indeed, after the two versions originally released back in 2021, The Ultimate Blu-ray version and The Final Flight Live In Paris version, do I, or indeed does anyone seriously need another? Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a pleasure to listen to it, but it would be a hardy progger to debate the merits of each version in comparison to the others. And, to be honest, I’d run a mile from any such conversation!

Score: 8/10


1 – Into The Blue 

2 – In Held (Twas) In I 

3 – Shine

4 – We All Need Some Light 

The Whirlwind

5 – Overture Whirlwind

6 – The Wind Blew Them All Away 

7 – On The Prowl

8 – A Man Can Feel 

9 – Out In The Night 

10 – Rose Colored Glasses 

11 – Evermore

12 – Set Us Free 

13 – Lay Down Your Life

14 – Pieces Of Heaven 

15 – Is It Really Happening 

16 – Dancing With Eternal Glory / Whirlwind (Reprise)

Absolute Universe

17 – Overture 

18 – Reaching For The Sky

19 – Higher Than The Morning 

20 – The Darkness in The Light 

21 – Take Now My Soul 

22 – Bully 

23 – Rainbow Sky 

24 – Looking For The Light 

25 – The World We Used To Know

26 – The Sun Comes Up Today 

27 – Love Made A Way (Prelude)

28 – Owl Howl 

29 – Solitude 

30 – Belong  

31 – Lonesome Rebel 

32 – Can You Feel It 

33 – Looking For The Light (Reprise)

34 – The Greatest Story Never Ends

35 – Love Made A Way 

36 – Bridge Across Forever 

37 – The Final Medley 

Release Date: 26th April 2024

Label: Insideout 

For all things Transatlantic click HERE and to purchase the album, click HERE

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