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TUK SMITH & THE RESTLESS HEARTS have released ‘Glorybound’, a brand new single and accompanying video, which serves as the next taste of new music from TUK‘s second studio album set to arrive later this year via Gypsy Rose Records/Cargo.


TUK elaborates on the inspiration behind the new song;


“This one’s for the underdogs, but It’s also written from a personal place. I got into rock ‘n roll and punk rock because it felt like a place for outsiders. I’ve never felt at home and music was a way for me to cope. This song is a reflection of the last decade, trying to stake my claim as an artist.  It’s been a psychological game, an emotional game, and a spiritual game. You win some and you lose some, but you just keep going. You don’t really know why… But you just keep going.”


The track is accompanied by a decade-long retrospective video, shot and directed by Video Rahim, compiled of new and old footage filled with Tuk‘s friends, fans, and current and ex-bandmates.


Tuk continues:


“For video b-roll, I went back to my hometown of Griffin, Georgia, including my high school that kept kicking me out and my dad’s gym where I used to hang off the exercise machines at four or five years old… My dad has owned and operated a completely independent gym that has survived against corporate-controlled gyms for many, many years… still an inspiration to me.”


‘Glorybound’ follows the release of last month’s ‘Take The Long Way’, the lead single from Tuk‘s upcoming opus, which grabbed ‘Track of the Week’ at Classic Rock magazine’s weekly vote of the best singles.


The new album follows TUK SMITH & THE RESTLESS HEARTS 2022 debut, ‘Ballad Of A Misspent Youth’. At the time, Classic Rock magazine asserted “‘Ballad Of A Misspent Youth’ is never less than exhilarating. Just the way rock’n’roll should be.” The album’s lead single & title track romped straight onto playlists at UK rock radio stations, Planet Rock and Primordial Radio.

If charisma and talent were all it took to be a star, TUK SMITH would have cemented himself among the world’s most notorious and beloved songwriters a long while ago. But in a business filled with loaded dice and bloated suits, TUK remains a rock ‘n’ roll outcast. Paradoxically, he continues to strive for that coveted spot of musical immortality that, in today’s modern world of algorithms and social media trends, remains reserved for those with the money to buy their way in or for those who are willing to lose themselves.
TUK has been and remains neither of the above.
TUK’s signature sound – for any and all blessed enough to have heard it – has found a place in the upper echelon of contemporary rock n roll. For those who have yet to become familiar, it’s a bare-knuckled blend of AC/DC swagger, Cheap Trick melodicism and Thin Lizzy guitar wizardry. The man behind the sound is an absolute force.
Never willing to settle, and never ready to stop, TUK is slated to release his anticipated second studio album in 2024. Listeners can expect more hooks that stay with them for days and choruses they can sing along to the first listen-through. All of this is proudly without label interference or hindrance.

For more info visit:https://www.tuksmithandtherestlesshearts.com/ Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  

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