31st January 2024 0 By Jon Deaux
UK formidable metallers NO WORTH OF MAN drop their ear-splitting new EP, What’s Your Damage? on Friday 8th March. The Brit bruisers have also released their thumping new single and video, Mondo Decay, out now.
With the EP on the way, we exclusively spoke to the band and asked for five tracks that have helped to influence their stunning sound:
Peter Gale (Vocalist):
“Blessing Upon The Throne of Tyranny by Dimmu Borgir.
Even though we are not a black metal band, the influence that this track has had on me is definitely evident in our writing. For example, the overall eerie tone that we’ve incorporated into our latest ep is certainly something that Dimmu have used on all of their albums in one form or another. To me it adds a certain theatricality to the music and creates its own world, almost making the music 3 dimensional.
Honor Thy Father by Dream Theater.
This was a track which floored me the first time I heard it. To me, it has the perfect marriage of awesome riffs and an unconventional song structure which keeps you guessing throughout. From that standpoint, I would say that those are the typical progressive metal elements that still influence our writing within our band, even though I would not class us as a progressive metal band.”
Gareth Lucas (Drummer):
“Kill The King by Rainbow
One of the first tracks I heard in my youth growing up was this track. From the first listen I was instantly enamoured by the Band. Years later, this was the band I was learning to play the drums too, while trying to play along, albeit badly. This band had my favourite drummer at the time, Cosy Powell. My initial style came from his playing, so ultimately, I hear and play Cosy Powell isms in the tracks with No Worth of Man. Speed and power with a hint of groove for people to move too.
Scene Nine: Finally Free by Dream Theater
What can be said about this track. from another of my all-time favourite drummers. This is a masterpiece. Again, when I heard the album this track is from, Metropolis, PT2: Scene Frome a Memory, I was instantly blown away by the musicality and the theatre surrounding it. Even though all the tracks are stand out, this one particularly resonated with me. The emotion and drama, that evokes a frisson response, especially the ending! Because of this, it’s how I approach the drum parts in NWOM, every song needs to have a section that I emotionally connect too. The result is never being bored of playing a track.”
Alex Punchard (Guitarist)
“Into the Void by Black Sabbath
There’re millions of great heavy riffs out there, new and old but this track has always stood out to me as a blueprint for metal riff writing, and even more impressive that it’s from 1971! It’s dark, and has great chromatic note sequences and tonnes of groove. Even though we are not a classic old school metal band, I take more influence for writing riffs from this type of track than I do from contemporary metal bands and more ‘techy’ type riffs that I feel can be over complex and have less purpose.”

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